Being Fatherless On Father's Day

Despite being a predictable yearly event, Father’s Day tends to sneak up on me every June. As I study the calendar, there’s usually a resounding, “Oh.. that’s THIS WEEK??”, followed by a flurry of preparations to celebrate my husband.I’m happy to put in this effort, but in the midst of the gift selection and the search for the perfect card, there is always a moment. A twinge. A pang. It’s brief, but it’s a soft shadow that dissipates slowly....more

Father To The Fatherless

 “But you, God, see the trouble of the afflicted; you consider their grief and take it in hand. The victims commit themselves to you; you are the helper of the fatherless.”-Psalms 10:14...more

A Dad's Perspective on Miscarriage

I get asked quite often why there is a big age gap between kids 2 and 3. There is a 5 and a half year’s difference and people seem to be curious as to why we began our journey through babyhood once again. When I’m asked, I usually smile and say simply, “timing was right.” I don’t mind the question and it is simply a way for parents to keep a conversation going. But the truth is, there wasn’t supposed to be such a big gap…...more

The Sexiest Man Alive?

I sat in the corner of the playroom, curled up in the pale blue rocking chair. I held my coffee close to my face, each sip foiled by a fit of giggles.Nugget couldn’t contain his laughter, either. We were bursting at the seams.And there was Ian, crouched on all fours in his pajamas….smacking himself in the head with a foam puzzle piece.WHAP!He looked like a complete buffoon making goofy faces with his butt up in the air. His glasses were cattywhompus across his nose and his hair looked like a wind-blown haystack. He hadn’t shaved....more

#SpermGuilt & Gender Disappointment

“The spine looks…  uhhh… puhh-retty… gah-oood” the technician with the wand on my wife’s gelatin covered belly said in the slowest way possible.  The room that we were in for our 20 week anatomy scan was smaller than my first dorm room and as dark as a December night except for the glow coming from the black and white screen....more

Is FMLA Enough? Or Do Fathers Need Paid Leave?

We know that FMLA provides unpaid leave to parents within the first year of the child’s birth. But what about the families in which the father’s income is essential to the household’s economic stability? ...more
I work at a Fortune 500 company as an ADA/FMLA Consultant. Our company has offered two workweeks ...more

The Mother of All Days

I have mixed feelings about Mother’s Day. On the negative side, it only pays lip service to a vital function many women perform and for which their society does not compensate them, and for which they take a serious hit in the labor market. Moreover, women who don’t want children, or cannot have children, may feel marginalized and/or hurt. I only want to hurt people who are twatwaffles; I don’t like accidently hurting anyone else. On the positive side, I got breakfast in bed and waited on like a Queen yesterday, so, ya know, YAY! ...more

April Chat with a Dad: Ben of Mutterings of a Fool

The first day of this month is April Fool’s Day and what better way to commemorate this rather err… silly celebration is to feature a dad whose blog is aptly named Mutterings of a Fool, although Ben the dad behind the much-read and loved blog is certainly far from being a fool. He is a devoted husband and dad to a beautiful little girl and adorable little boy.Read on to find more about this certainly not-a-foolish-dad …...more

February Chat with a Dad: Benjamin Brooks-Dutton of Life as a Widower

I first wrote about what happened to Ben (without naming him) on this blog post where I talked about life imitating art. I’m not so sure how I first came across Benjamin Brooks-Dutton’s blog called Life as a Widower, all I know is that I’ve been addicted to his blog ever since I found it. It is a very poignant, honest account of what it’s like to suddenly lose the love of your life and the mother of your-very-young child. After all, what do you say to your two-year-old when he starts asking for his mum?...more