US Census Bureau to Dads: You're No More than a Babysitter

The US Census Bureau has decided that fathers watching their children is “child care” but when moms watch their kids, it’s parenting. No, really. All of that “it’s not babysitting, it’s parenting” when daddy “watches” the kids has apparently been tossed out the window and set us back decades. And by us, I am not just referring to the women who are somehow deemed the “designated parent” when both parents are present in a household, but the men as well. Apparently they don’t matter....more
Very well written article. You are right, this is terrible, we need to move forward, not go back ...more

A Father Whose Been Changed

Because NaBloPoMo’s theme this month is Relatives I realized that I had written this series about my dad a couple of years ago. This particular post sums him up quite well. So I thought I would repost it for today’s Relative post. He has come a long way from his cancer battle. Several references are made to that period of time in this entry. If you are interested in reading the series i wrote about his fight with cancer you can do so by clicking these links:My Dad, My Hero – Part 1...more

[Un]Father's Day

Dear Mr. C,I had so many plans for today.  I was somehow thinking in my deepest of dreams that we would be pregnant on this day; and I had lots of fun things whirling in my mind's eye for you....more

Good Fathers VS. Sperm Donors

I think there are a lot of Mother's that should be celebrated on Father's day. Not all mothers, just those women who are raising kids alone. So many children are lacking a father figure. They are being raised by a women who has had to step up and be what her children need. So, Congrats! to all those women out there! Your kids are lucky you are so strong. You are a hero for being what that man couldn't or wouldn't be. There is a big difference between a good Father, a average Father, a bad father, & a father that is so bad he is thought of only as "The Sperm Donor". ...more


Follow my blog, "Rub Some Dirt On It" at Here are Jax and Daddy, having a heart-to-heart. ...more

Life Lessons: Student, Mama; Teacher, Baby

Life Lessons: Student, Mama; Teacher, Baby   My outside the home profession up until Jac's birth was teaching. I am passionate about education, and my plan was to use my teaching skills to help Jac grow and develop as much as possible....more

Thank you, Yogimomi! I was just on your blog. Beautiful!

I Thought I Knew Mama


What I Thought I Knew Before Becoming a Mom

Writing this poem was the inspiration for me to start my blog: For Jac   We thought we knew adventure… Skydiving, climbing mountains, living on the other side of the world… But when we met you, we realized there was no greater adventure than helping you to grow. We thought we knew pride… We’ve had pride in our education and in our accomplishments… But that doesn’t touch how proud we feel of you just for being you....more

Are Donor Conceived Kids Really Alright?

Seeing the two donor-conceived kids in The Kids Are Alright got me curious about how many kids in real life in our country are the result of sperm or egg donation.  New York Times columnist ...more

The New Definition of Marriage: It's All About Me, Me Me -- or Is It?

Marriage is in the news again. This time, the focus is on commitment -- or, more specifically, how to stay married once you are married. The newest idea is “self-expansion," the concept that your level of commitment to your marriage may depend on how much your partner “enhances your life and broadens your horizons.” No longer is marriage about shared goals. Now it’s all about you, you, you, or rather, what you do for me, me, me. ...more

I really enjoyed your perspective on this issue. I honestly think healthy marriages are more ...more