Fathers Are the Other Half of the MotherHood

"The problem with you women," the senior partner at my law firm said, "is that you say you want to be treated just like men.  But you don't, really.  You want something different." Image Credit: David Bleasdale via Flickr...more

5 Meaningful Ways To Spend Father's Day With Dad

Father’s Day doesn’t have to be just another hallmark holiday or a rushed brunch in a crowded restaurant. This father’s day, forego the usual frenetic pace of shopping for the perfect gift and long lines at dining establishments. Tailor your day with dad to create memories that linger long after Father’s day has come and gone....more

You are your father's child

Once a baby is born, all parents/friends/relatives start playing the same game: Who does the baby look more like? Mothers will point out that the baby has her chin or her eyes. Fathers will point out the baby has his hair color or his lips. Serious players will pull out old baby photos and do side-by-side comparisons....more


This made me all teary eyed on the subway and ruined my makeup. But it was worth it, this is a ...more

RIP Oren Miller, Dad Blogger Extraordinaire

I don't believe there are good and bad humans. Probably I'm naive, but I believe in good humans and less-good humans: humans who are weak, damaged, hurt, unloved, hungry, addicted, mentally ill or otherwise not their best selves. ...more
DoTryThisAtHome JoAnneApple I didn't, but I'm not surprised. We like to think ourselves so ...more

How To Destroy Princess Culture With LEGO Friends

Growing up I had Barbie and Ninja Turtles. I had LEGO and cars and baby dolls and a massive Barbie mansion where all of my toys went to epic parties. Although my brother did not come for a while, my sister and I were raised for eight years of my life in a very gender neutral way by today's terms. ...more
Woot! Thanks KylieMJ! I thinks we sometimes discredit how important it is for fathers to not ...more

Dazed, Confused

My dad has an early diagnosis of CJD or Prion disease. It's not good. I feel completely helpless. In fact, I feel like I have no family right now. I feel disconnected even though we are all doing the best we can.  The last two days there have snow days in our school district so no school for me or my son. You would think it would bring us together... yea right. I feel all the more disconnected.  This past week was also my first class @ night school. I felt guilty....more

The Next Great Adventure

My father passed away last week and we held his memorial service yesterday morning.  There was a time of open sharing and this is what I wanted to say but, at the time, I just couldn't get the words out.  Since I couldn't share it then, I'm sharing it now. I hope it is good for your spirit....more

Family is About Sharing

I have three younger siblings. Before our family split, that meant our parents got to put up with four sick kids at the same time whenever one of us brought something home with us. Naturally, that meant four miserable little voices, four cranky attitudes, and when chicken pox came around, four itchy sets of skin. I don't know how they did it, but we all managed to get through it. Now that I'm married, my husband and I share each other's germs, too, regardless of how careful we are. Hopefully, the cold he shared with me will pass quickly....more

My Father's Day Message to Young Dads

Here's my Father"s Day message to Dads, especially young Dads. You matter. It doesn't matter what your wife or your girlfriend says. It doesn't matter if you don't know how to do anything useful or even if you have a job. You matter. Don't buy into any of the junk that you hear that your kids will be fine without you. They won't....more