For My Dad

Dear Dad,There are some people who say that a girl's first love is her father. I have to agree with them. I love you beyond measure....more

My Father's Day Message to Young Dads

 Here's my Father"s Day message to Dads, especially young Dads. You matter. It doesn't matter what your wife or your girlfriend says. It doesn't matter if you don't know how to do anything useful or even if you have a job. You matter. Don't buy into any of the junk that you hear that your kids will be fine without you. They won't....more

What My Husband ISN'T Getting for Father's Day

Once again, Father’s Day has completely snuck up on me. Yeah, yeah, I know it comes the second Sunday in June every year. But, see, I’m too busy being a MOTHER to have time to remember such things. So, I scramble yet again to find a meaningful, useful, and CHEAP Father’s Day gift for my husband.What I know he really wants…. A blowjob....more

A Long Time Coming: Getting to Know My Father

 It didn't take long for my father to develop an email style. His very first email carried what would become his signature farewell. TIE. Take it easy. Sometimes he added SIT. Stay in touch....more

A Green Take on Gift Ideas for Dad

Need a gift for dad? Check out these green twists on some traditional gifts!

Father's Day Gift Ideas

How to Handle Father's Day With Your Kids After Your Divorce

We are in the middle of a not-so-easy-or-nice divorce, but I'll be buying my ex-husband a Father's Day gift this year. And here's why....more
I truly thought about being a big ol B and not helping her do anything but I would only teach ...more

11 Things Dads Don't Do

1. Fingernails. Think for a minute: when was the last time your husband a) noticed one of your kids' fingernails had become jagged little weapons or b) searched for one of the dozen pairs of fingernail clippers wedged between the couch cushions to trim them back? My husband wears with pride his refusal to touch this task with a ten foot pole. Maybe he's seen me struggling with wiggly toddlers and minuscule baby claws one too many times?...more