How to Handle Father's Day With Your Kids After Your Divorce

We are in the middle of a not-so-easy-or-nice divorce, but I'll be buying my ex-husband a Father's Day gift this year. And here's why....more
I truly thought about being a big ol B and not helping her do anything but I would only teach ...more

11 Things Dads Don't Do

1. Fingernails. Think for a minute: when was the last time your husband a) noticed one of your kids' fingernails had become jagged little weapons or b) searched for one of the dozen pairs of fingernail clippers wedged between the couch cushions to trim them back? My husband wears with pride his refusal to touch this task with a ten foot pole. Maybe he's seen me struggling with wiggly toddlers and minuscule baby claws one too many times?...more

My Father Mended Me

5 Meaningful Ways To Spend Father's Day With Dad

Father’s Day doesn’t have to be just another hallmark holiday or a rushed brunch in a crowded restaurant. This father’s day, forego the usual frenetic pace of shopping for the perfect gift and long lines at dining establishments. Tailor your day with dad to create memories that linger long after Father’s day has come and gone....more

Gift Ideas for Celebrating Dad on His Day!

Hard to believe that it's June already, which means Father's Day will be here before you know it!  I think most Dads will tell you that a homemade card and a hearty breakfast would make their Father's Day, but if you're looking more ideas to spoil the awesome Dad in your life, keep reading:...more

Discover Boating for Father's Day

What are your plans for Father's Day?  Does he enjoy fishing or water sports or does he just want a relaxing day with his family?  A fun and memorable way to celebrate Dad is to take him on the water.  We are looking to go boating this summer and I think it would be a great way to spend Father's Day, as well.  Thinking about the cool breeze, blue water and the many activities to do while on a boat gives me chills because I am looking forward to how beautiful the whole experience can be with my husband and kids.  There are so many memories you can make while boating....more

Day 10 - My Hero

 I can't remember a time growing up when you weren't there.I can't remember a time when we didn't go fishing....more

In honour of our everyday dad

There are two types of fathers. The birth dad, and the everyday dad. Sometimes the same person fills both roles. Sometimes, life doesn’t work out that way. Maybe the birth father wanted to be the everyday dad, but for whatever reason – duty to another family, work, prison, or in our case, death – he can’t. The birth dad is a biological fact. But the everyday dad, for the most part, is a choice. The everyday dad chooses to take an active role in the rearing of his child: adopted, assumed, or biological....more

In Defense of Dads

I have spent my entire childhood defending dads. That happens when you are raised by a single father of five. I was the child who always raised their hand in class and said, “and dads too, right?” whenever someone with authority sang the praises of mothers....more