Our Dad Scrapbook layout

Although my dad has been gone for many years now, I wanted to make this page to honor him. These are some of my favorite photos. My parents engagement portrait and of his service in the Air Force. I wanted to choose a paper that was both vintage and formal in style.I hope that even if you can see your dad this Father's Day, You do something to honor his importance in your life...more

Father's Day: Go Big, Or Go Home

Okay, here is my idea: My husband doesn’t really want much for Father’s Day, but I really want to honor him for the amazing father he is.  So, you gotta think about not entirely what he wants, but more about what you can get away with ;)I am thinking that if I have a Comic Book themed day, maybe it would work!Here are my plans, and here are the materials so you can seamlessly pull this off!...more

A Mamalode Magazine for Dads!

One of our favorite sections of Mamalode magazine (which BlogHer CEO Lisa Stone called "America's BEST parenting magazine!") has always been the "daddy-o" column. So, for Father’s Day, we have taken some of our favorite writing for and about fatherhood and put it into a special edition anthology called Dadalode....more

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Monday, June 9, 2014Father's Day Gift Ideas We all know how important Dad is to all of us, so don't forget to get Dad something he will love for Father's Day!...more

Celebrating Dad: Father's Day gift ideas and ways to celebrate

June has crept up on me, and Father's day will be here before you know it!! So today I'm talking about Father's Day.  Truthfully, some of the best gifts are not material items and don't cost much.  I'm pretty sure my husband's favorite way to spend the day is a yummy breakfast (made by me and the kids), a little family fun and adventure (boat rides, walks, island exploring, and then a little time to himself to do whatever he wants.  Here are some ideas for ways to celebrate dad and some gift ideas:...more