Thanks, Dad, for "useful life skills."

Years ago my dad had two teaching jobs: elementary school all day, and an evening gig with adolescents deemed too unruly for regular high school. One evening, a student flipped a penny at him. Dad picked it up and put it in his pocket. The teens laughed, and another one flipped a penny. Then another one.When my father had 12 cents in his pocket, he said, “Guys, I want to thank you. All I need is 38 more of these and I’m going over to the Fairfield and have a draft beer — on you.”...more

Forget the Boobtroversy: Why Does TIME Think Dads Can't Practice Attachment Parenting?

If you have been on the internet in the last twenty-four hours I’m sure you’ve seen this cover of Time magazine and heard some rumblings over it. The headline asks “Are you mom enough?” and the snippet below indicates that “attachment parenting drives some mothers to extremes.” There are two terms in that small snippet that I would like to point out to you: “parenting” and “mother.” In the same article I counted the word “parent” or “parenting” eight times, the word “mother” two times and the word “father” never even came up. Where have all the fathers gone?...more
 @JennaHatfield I found some spoof Are You Dad Enough? covers. And then made some of my own. :-D ...more

Always Up To Something

For a few weeks when I was three or four, I drove my mom insane trying to pee standing up. I still remember the contortions that took. I would straddle the toilet bowl as best I could with my pudgy little legs and let fly, swiveling my bottom to adjust the stream. It was a messy and frustrating endeavor. I was trying to be like my dad. Thankfully, I discovered pretty quickly that my biology prevented me from emulating him in this aspect. I'm sure my mother was relieved....more

Raised by a Single Father... Does it Change You? Truly, the author of LIE

RAISED BY MY FATHER – How it influenced my writing, helped me write strong male characters, and think about men differently  I was raised by a single parent – a father, which I think makes me write men differently than most other writers. One recent result of being raised my father is this:  I’ve written a young adult novel with strong male points of view....more

My American “Gringo” Father

He descended the plane with searching eyes, spotted us, and quickly found his way to his awaiting party: my mother, my brother, and me. That was the day my brother and I met our future American “Gringo” father, a very tall and skinny man, a gangly pale-face wonder, skin the color of pure milk. And we were immediately in awe and in wonder of him, my brother and me. Like planets drawn to the sun. And though at first he had eyes only for our mother, he withdrew from her to meet us....more
@Laine Griffin Thank you, mi Amiga, but I feel the same way about you. You really do get to know ...more

Hidden Relics of a Reluctant Hero's Past

Some of you know that we lost my dad a few days before Thanksgiving. Mom and I have been going through some of Dad's belongings, and we discovered a letter Dad received in 1946. I had a strong feeling we would find medals or something related to his service in World War II. Mom had never seen this document in all the 64 years she and Dad were married. ...more
WOW, that is completely awesome! What a hero, thank you for sharing with all of us. I feel ...more

Salute to Two Dedicated Dads

My morning commutes are usually quick, rushed affairs*. By morning, I mean early morning (well, earlier than the average college student or 9-to-5'er anyway). Most city educators wake up at dawn, leave early, and clock in before 8 a.m. We must battle traffic regardless of the method used. However, I like to take in the bustling scenery around me because the city is an interesting place with interesting people and innumerable untold stories. So I leave a little earlier if I can help it....more

What Happened When My Dad Walked Away After the Divorce

I'm the product of a "broken home." The ones that EVERYONE was talking about in the 90's when I was growing up. I was one of those kids that was supposed to end up all kinds of weird because I didn't have a dad around. In elementary school, I was the only one out of my group of friends that didn't have two parents. I constantly felt like a pariah. Not only were my parents in the process of a nasty divorce, as soon as the divorce was all said and done with, my dad disappeared out of my life. For several years. Several of my most formative years....more
@jenlbosse I'm sorry I missed this comment Jen! It was an incredibly hard lesson to learn, but I ...more

My Veteran's Day

He was a Viet Nam vet. He didn't let that fact dictate the way he lived, but it ended up dictating the way he died. He was a conscientious objector. He didn't want to go. He was so young. His conscience won out over his objections and he enlisted in the Air Force because he was told it was the right thing to do. He was one of the lucky ones. He came home. ...more

He who dies with the most toys win

He who dies with the most toys win I recently saw a bumper sticker that said “HE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST TOYS WINS.” It made me think of my father… he was a man who LOVED his toys. One of his favorite toys was a bright red Ferrari he bought during a midlife crises that seemed to last most of his adult life. I can still see him sitting in that car with a huge smile on his face. He took such delight in his possessions and his playthings....more