This One's for the Single Dad

Thank you to the Single Dad who gets it…  Although he is not listed as the primary caregiver on the divorce papers, he never stops giving all of his heart and all of his soul to care for his children.     Thank you to the single dad who wholeheartedly participates in his child’s life.  He conducts his share of the “pick up and drop off” at school, volleyball practice ...more

Love Hormones

The rise and fall of hormones in women who have just given birth as they continue to interact with their infant as it grows has been well documented.  But what about those same hormones in dads?A new study, just released, shows that fathers also experience a rise in the love hormone as they interact with their child.  It also shows a correlation between the mother's hormone level and the father's.  If a woman is experiencing PPD, the father's hormone level tends to stay low as well, which may explain some of the ...more

Beating Depression

Postpartum depression - a serious condition that is finally getting the attention it deserves from both doctors and sufferers.  Because of newfound understanding in the medical field, countless mothers have been safeguarded - have been saved - from harming themselves or their children.  Because of newfound understanding in the public eye, mothers need not be afraid of the stigmatism that formerly went along with such a diagnosis, if such a diagnosis was even given.  While this understanding does not lessen the pain or still the symptoms, mothers no longer need feel ...more

Motherly Advice

  Today's "advice" is from a different perspective: that of a father. Today's post is actually a bit of "Fatherly Advice" from Dear Husband....more

A day is more than a date

Have you ever stopped to think about how many days are important to you, are also important to other people you know for the same reason?  Sure, thanks to social media sites like Face Book, you see birthday reminders of all the people you know who share the same birthday.  Yes, it is fun to see how many people were born on the same day, but sometimes the similarities or coincidences surroundi...more

Work Life Balance and the Boys Club

“I was telling myself, deal with it, this is how I bring home the money.” ...more

Can Dads Really Get Postpartum Depression? Yes.

This week research found paternal postnatal depression, or PPD among dads, is more common than first believed. ...more

It doesn't mean that it is triggered by the pregnancy or the physical birth - it means that it ...more

A mother of a day

I can’t think of a better way to say this. I had a truly crappy Mother’s Day this year. I think Anna Jarvis would understand. Inspired by her own mother’s life, she started a campaign in 1907 to recognize mothers for their contribution to society. She was successful in making Mother’s Day a national holiday, but then spent the rest of her life fighting its commercial exploitation. She died in an asylum when she was 84. ...more

Equally Shared Care: House, Kids and Work. Is It For You?

Wouldn’t a working mother be less stressed out if her husband or partner assumed an equal share of the financial, household and childcare duties? Isn’t a husband less stressed out if his wife helps to earn money while he is also competent and fully up to speed on running the house? This makes sense, but it’s still kind of radical to say out loud. I do not want to ignite mommy wars here: Your choice is your choice. But if the idea of sharing home and work duties appeals to you, there are resources to help you figure it out. ...more

I was a single parent for the first 2 1/2 years of my son's life. When my husband (my son's ...more

There's A Place You Can Go

This post is featured on my blog, My Former Life, in which I will post 365 memories in the year of my 40th birthday. I hope I come up with some lessons from the first 40 to take into the second 40 years of my life. My father moved to an apartment about half an hour away from us. ...more