Can Dads Really Get Postpartum Depression? Yes.

This week research found paternal postnatal depression, or PPD among dads, is more common than first believed. ...more

It doesn't mean that it is triggered by the pregnancy or the physical birth - it means that it ...more

A mother of a day

I can’t think of a better way to say this. I had a truly crappy Mother’s Day this year. I think Anna Jarvis would understand. Inspired by her own mother’s life, she started a campaign in 1907 to recognize mothers for their contribution to society. She was successful in making Mother’s Day a national holiday, but then spent the rest of her life fighting its commercial exploitation. She died in an asylum when she was 84. ...more

Equally Shared Care: House, Kids and Work. Is It For You?

Wouldn’t a working mother be less stressed out if her husband or partner assumed an equal share of the financial, household and childcare duties? Isn’t a husband less stressed out if his wife helps to earn money while he is also competent and fully up to speed on running the house? This makes sense, but it’s still kind of radical to say out loud. I do not want to ignite mommy wars here: Your choice is your choice. But if the idea of sharing home and work duties appeals to you, there are resources to help you figure it out. ...more

I was a single parent for the first 2 1/2 years of my son's life. When my husband (my son's ...more

There's A Place You Can Go

This post is featured on my blog, My Former Life, in which I will post 365 memories in the year of my 40th birthday. I hope I come up with some lessons from the first 40 to take into the second 40 years of my life. My father moved to an apartment about half an hour away from us. ...more

Feminism and the Immersed Parent

It sounds strange to some people when I say I’m a feminist. To them all feminists have one thing in common: fem-ness. But feminism is a to-philosophy rather than a from-philosophy: it aims toward parity and equality rather than emerging from inherent traits. In fact, it is a from-philosophy that feminism is a reaction against: the philosophy that biological differences are relevant in non-biological spheres. ...more

There is no claim in this piece or in any comment I've left anywhere (that I can think of) ...more

Dear Dad: Happy Father's Day!

Dear Dad, So it's just about Father's Day again, and this time of year always makes me just a little sappy, I know. And it's not even the typical stuff, the "Oh, let's walk down Memory Lane and talk about when I was such a Daddy's Girl and thought you could do no wrong." What gets me, these days, is not the memories, but the present. It's a rather excellent present, I think. ...more

Words for Our Fathers

Between now and June 21, Americans and Canadians will endure the bombardment of commercialism that reigns at Father's Day. Buy this for Dad! Perfect gift for Dad! Say "Dad, I love you!" with this doodad or geegaw. Harrumph. Good thing my own father isn't a spendy sort. One gift that spends easy? Our words. Our tributes to our fathers. Our devotion, our acceptance, and unquestionably, our love. Here are a few favorite posts about fathers from food bloggers, some with recipes, mostly without. I invite you to sit down with a cup of coffee, allow the words of others to move and inspire, then to reach within yourself to write to or about your father, whoever and wherever he is. It will be a gift, only yours, to you, to your family, to your heritage. What you write, make it funny, make it poignant, make it personal, it matters not, for words, they're free, they're priceless. They can't be bought and they can't be sold. They belong to us -- and to our fathers. ...more

What a lovely idea for a post. As my own father's health is declining more and more I find ...more

GOTTA GIVE GREEN GIFTS for dear ol' dad!

In honor of Father's Day, we're running a series on personal care just for men. We kick it off with this post on clean and "green" shaving, by Katie Kelleher and Diane MacEachern. ...more

Daddy's Little Girl

I was raised by a single mom...a FANTASTIC single mom. No mother will do everything perfectly, but my mother loved me in a perfect way. I have never felt that being raised by a single mother impacted my life adversely. Although I know the importance of having a father figure, I have never felt like my life lacked anything or that I missed anything - and that is because my mother did such an excellent job raising me on her own. But sometimes the way your life experiences effect your life choices is not always evident to you. ...more

Moment of Anxiety...Moment of Prayer

Oh God(dess). How much can a human be expected to take? I mean.   Life is hard.  Nothing is promised.  There's reward on The Other Side. ...but to those who believe in a hell after death:  Do you believe in hell here on Earth? I do.  I'm watching it at work.  Not as "punishment" to a bad person.  Not to "correct" a wrong-doing in the traditional sense of right and wrong. Not even close...She is no different from any other human down here living their lives and trying to do their best with what they have... ...more

I've been there... so your words truly resonate with me! Your family is so lucky to be able ...more