A Daughter Remembers Her Father

March 6, 1930If you enjoy my writing, then I must give some credit to my dad.  He had a gift for storytelling and a knack for descriptive language like no one else. I’d like to think I inherited at least a small portion of his talent....more

I Can't "GIVE" My Daughter Away...

With less than a month to go until Caitlin's wedding, I could tell that Robby was becoming very introspective about the whole affair.  Although he wasn't saying much about the wedding or her moving to Cleveland, I could just tell that this was not going to be easy for him..."giving" his daughter away to another man. ...more

Irish Eyes -- Irish Hearts

"Irishmen are dreamers, musicians, and stubborn people..."  That is the lead for the newspaper article that was written about my father.  That is what he said.  He was a dreamer and a true musician of the mind.  Although he did not play an instrument, his hard working spirit and his decency as a person make me honored to call him my father....more

He who dies with the most toys win

He who dies with the most toys win I recently saw a bumper sticker that said “HE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST TOYS WINS.” It made me think of my father… he was a man who LOVED his toys. One of his favorite toys was a bright red Ferrari he bought during a midlife crises that seemed to last most of his adult life. I can still see him sitting in that car with a huge smile on his face. He took such delight in his possessions and his playthings....more

Say Now What Might Not Get Said Later (A Father's Day Tribute)

        He was tall, dark and handsome and I thought he hung the moon. It would have surprised me to find out he actually didn't because there wasn't anything my father couldn't do. My mother, brother and I didn't see him much because he worked two jobs most the time but when he was there we made the most of it....more

Male Breast Cancer: It's Nothing To Joke About

In 1978, a few weeks after Christmas, my father had a radical mastectomy. The last words he said to me before the surgery were,  “they can take my nipple but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let them take my ovaries.” So like my father to lighten the mood with a joke but, of course, cancer is no laughing matter. ...more

I lost a wonderful male coworker to breast cancer. He was a young young with a wife and two ...more

Daddy's "baby" Girl

We have two girls and one boy.  Our first daughter was born on September 11th and my due date with my second daughter was also September 11th.  Crazy, right?  As soon as my OB told me the due date for the second girl she immediately followed it up with, "We'll have to change that date".  I chuckled and told her it would be okay being that I already had a September 11th baby....more