5 Ways to Manage the Fatigue of Debilitating Anxiety

In the past, I have talked a lot about my debilitating anxiety. Now that I am a mom, it doesn't mean my anxiety has magically disappeared. (Actually, in some ways, it has intensified since becoming a mom.) When I started therapy about a year ago, I had high hopes that I would somehow be "cured and with enough hard work and practice, I might get over this condition that has plagued me for years....more

RA Fatigue

Fatigue is a huge part of my life. I’m tired as I type this.Yesterday was my methotrexate day, which means that I was in and out of sleep last night fighting nausea. I’ll probably feel the same way tonight as well.There is no such thing as a good night’s sleep. I never wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed....more

Let the kids sleep!

Delighted to see this story and the warning from CDC about the dangers of letting your kids get too tired.For the first time, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is urging education policymakers to start middle- and high-school classes later in the morning. The idea is to improve the odds of adolescents getting sufficient sleep so they can thrive both physically and academically....more

K-Cups Were Making Me Sick

A cup of hot bold, aromatic coffee is one of my most delightful elixirs and faithful morning companions. I am one that does not pop out of bed with vim and vigor to greet the day, rather I wake muddled and fuzzy headed until I can consume my mug of delicious instant-producing clarity that enables me to greet and step lively into my day. For my birthday last year I received a new brewing system that allowed me to stimulate my neuro- transmitters quicker and with much more ease....more

This and That

Tired:  weary, worn out, fatigued, bushed, zonked, wasted, done in...more


I don't sleep well at night, never have.  I did experience a time not too long ago,  when I did fall asleep at 11:00 PM and stay asleep until 6:00 AM.  I'm newly retired, I live far away from the daily stress I used to endure so I should be fine right?  I'm tired today, tired and trying to endure the fatigue that washed over me like a downpour of rain.  I must persevere though to endure.  I have the strength within my heart to make it, I just have to believe.  I feel like my heart and body betrayed me when I had my heart attack.  I still feel that way...more
"Weight that sticks to your ribs" - those words resonated with me because I've been working on ...more

How To Keep Your Immune System From Taking Its Own Vacation This Holiday Season

Each holiday season, millions of people travel to visit friends and family and kill themselves trying to get to every holiday party, shop till they drop and eat like little piglets. A giant combo for getting sick and feeling miserable all winter long. Here are some of the things to look out for this holiday season and how to avoid the season of sick!...more

Reclaim Your Energy in 5 Quick Steps

Do you ever wish you had more energy?  Ha. I know, silly question.  Who doesn't wish they had more energy? Everyone I talk to, no matter if they are parents or single, working or living a life of leisure, ill or not, they have the same goal: they want more energy....more