Get rid of hard water deposits with this showerhead and faucet cleaner

Do you have any faucets or showerheads that are clogged with hard water deposits? Do they tend to spray in different directions instead of in a smooth flow? If so, try this super easy cleaning method. I tried it on a faucet that was spraying everywhere. I finally realized that it was clogged and tried this amazing trick. It really worked! Thanks to this blog post that I found on Pinterest.You will need:...more

Touchless Faucet Helps Ease This Germaphobes Fears

I am very... aware of germs. One would think that I could actually see them.If I'm in the kitchen handling chicken, I can just feel the salmonella, the e coli or whatever fatal germs liveon raw meat. Then to go to the sink and touch the faucet? After I wash my hands I have to wash the faucet- just for good measure. I wouldn't want anyone getting sick....more