Zucchini, Bean and Citrus Salad

Sicilian Fava Bean Soup

Favata Soup or Sicilian Fava Bean SoupDried fava beans are under appreciated and over looked. They take a little bit of work.  Don’t let that sentence scare you, this is one the easiest soups I’ve ever made and more importantly, it was delicious, filling and healthy....more
Hello Kraken! I have some organic fava beans that have been glaring at me every time I go in the ...more

Sunday Vino for Penne con le Fave (Pasta with Fava Beans)

Pairings for Penne con le Fave (Pasta with Fava Beans) White: Pigato U Baccan from Bruna and Pigato di Albenga from Feipu dei Massaretti; Zenato Lugana or Lugana Riserva and Bianco Secco Ca’ del Merlo from Quintarelli Fava beans, aka broad beans, have an earthy, nutty, savory flavor. That flavor will guide the wine pairing for this summery dish this week....more

In My CSA Box -- Fava Beans: Recipes and Ideas

I've been wanting to join a Community Supported Agriculture group for quite a while and finally signed us up. I'm hoping to up our fruit and veggie intake, learn more about what's in season and try new-to-me items. My CSA farm is in Capay, Yolo County, California. ...more

I'll admit I'm lazy. One of the reasons I started getting a CSA box is because I never make it ...more

A Springtime Risotto: Aroma Cucina

A Springtime Risotto: Aroma Cucina Fava beans and crispy proscuitto make for an amazingly flavorful, colorful and textured risotto.  Here's the low down on the 'how to'.  Every bit worth the effort!  This is one great recipe, and easy to boot! http://aromacucina.typepad.com/aroma_cucina/2011/04/fava-bean-crispy-prosciutto-make-a-seasonal-risotto.html http://bit.ly/hLnZ4m...more

What to do with an abundance of greens...

What do with an abundance of greens,,,? After a few weekends away I am enjoying a weekend at home and thanks to ...more

Are Fresh Fava Beans Worth the Effort?

Every spring fresh fava beans burst on to the culinary scene. They appear in markets and gardens, and of course food bloggers start writing about what they're making with favas. Interesting that favas would get so much attention, when by all accounts, they're fairly labor intensive to remove from the pods. Are they worth the trouble? ...more
OH, but if I may, please, fava beans are most certainly worth my trouble of shucking them.  ...more

Fresh Fava Beans are a Delicious Sign of Spring

I've never been lucky enough to try fresh fava beans, although I did buy some once at the Ferry Building Market in San Francisco and leave them in the hotel when I checked out, but that's a completely different story. Even though I remain fresh fava deprived, I have no doubt they must be unforgettably delicious. How do I know? Legions of food bloggers have described the laborious process of double shucking the beans, and yet every spring these fava bean lovers start creating dishes featuring fava beans once again. ...more

last spring, and I only shucked the biggest ones.  it was kinda depressing when you had a ...more