Which One Of Your Children Is Your Favorite?

Last week I peed on a stick and found out that I was pregnant. After the initial: "Holy crap, already?", and subsequent feeling of bliss and happiness, it hit me like a ton of bricks that my time with Kai alone is limited. I could feel the pain physically, I am not kidding you. My little angel, that is claimed to be the most kissed baby in the Universe, has 9 months before his reign is over....more
@Mama in the Middle Thank you! I know it will be great and I am so happy Kai will have a ...more

Admit It: You Have a Favorite Child

My 7-year-old read the cover of our copy of Time magazine to me: "Why Mom Liked You Best*. The Science of Favoritism (*of course she would never admit it)."The cover features three blonde young children, a boy and two girls. Just like our family. Favorite girl has a big piece of cake with an even bigger smile on her face, while non-favored younger children have small pieces and rather grumpy faces....more
I only have one child.  Problem solved.  :-Dmore