What I'm Watching

What I'm Watching The summer television season will be ending soon.  And the fall series will begin in a few weeks.  So what have I been watching, and what am I looking forward to?...more

Dr. Oz enjoys the Good Life with new magazine

He's a new grandfather, talk show host and best-selling author. And now Dr. Mehmet Oz has a new magazine. New magazine launches are always risky. Increasingly, consumers are flocking to the Internet to read for free. And many of us have the attention span of a gnat (swat!).  Despite those odds, Dr....more


I have begun watching Hannibal on NBC. To anyone that knows me well, this isn't much of a surprise. I have always been into watching anything criminal, I grew up reading true crime and horror books and, actually, I still get a bit frightened when I think of one of the books. It was a Ted Bundy book with his eyes on the front cover. It was the creepiest book cover I can remember and that was over twenty years ago. The point is that I absolutely love this show. It did take a few episodes until I was hooked, but now I am. Although, I am confused due to just starting to watch the series now....more