These Are a Few of My Favorite Things celebrate the joyous and wonderful Christmas season, I’m listing a few of my favorite non-material things. Lists for Santa have been submitted, and while the merriment and materialism of Christmas is oh so much fun, I’d like to enter 2012 with some thoughts about the great things that Santa can’t put in your stocking.Maria von Trapp sang about some of these, but she seems to have missed a few! Seeing my favorite TV stars on Glee perform their rendition of this iconic song only added to the joy....more

Teachers Have Favorites. Do Kids?

Teachers have favorites.  We all know they do.  And to all the teachers' pets out know who you are!  It's a simple fact of life.  Humans have preferences.  I know that I get along with some people better than others.  It's hard to work on getting along with someone when it is just that, work.  But to be a part of this society requires this from us.  ...more

My Favorite Boots!

I'm so excited to announce a new series I'll be posting every Friday entitled Friday Favorites! Every Friday, I'll be sharing my favorites with you.  This may include my favorite movie, food, clothing, books, places to visit.....really, anything and everything that I absolutely love! **But that's not all! This will also be a project for YOU to participate in with me! It's called a LINKY Party. Just simple click on the Add Your Link at the bottom of the page and follow the prompts....more

Welcome to a Month of Movies! What Are Your All-Time Top 5 Films?

To kick off a Month of Movies on BlogHer, Editor Morgan Shanahan shares her top 5 -- okay, maybe 8 -- films of all time. What are yours?...more
@Marriage Lounge i also loved those moviesmore

Give it a Whirl

Being Gibson’s Momma is the most amazing, rewarding, fun (and of course challeging at times) thing that I have ever done. I have always heard other parents say that their favorite part of parenthood was watching their babies grow and learn right before their eyes. I have to say that does top the list, along with hearing “hi momma” in the morning when I go into his room to get him up, and of course laughing at all the cute, funny and sometimes odd things that he does throught the day....more


Bunny Rabbitowitz has gone missing. Anabelle may or may not have taken him with her on a walk  around the block Saturday evening. Ava swears Bella did not have him, but Jay thinks maybe, he can't remember for sure. We have searched the house and walked the block but he is no where to be found. I am really kind of sick about it. Like, where the hell could he be? I just can't imagine that she would have dropped him without noticing; she always notices....more

Come As You Are


On The Nightstand

I've been inspired this week by the summer reading bug, Newsweek and the blog, Everyday I Write the Book. I'm an avid reader, typically reading about 3 books and 2 magazines at a time. I read standing up while cooking dinner, I read in the car while waiting even if it's for a mere moment. I scatter reading material all about the house so that there is always something handy if I have a free second to read. ...more

Gone With The Wind since I was a teen, at which point all my friends thought I was nuts for read ...more

Personal Bests

What is it about music that makes us want to categorize and list those songs we love the most? ...more

Picking Favorites

There's been a shift occurring in my home. Not as dramatic as an earthquake but faster than erosion. Somewhere along the lines of sand dunes changing imperceptibly on a day to day basis. ...more

She's a doll. Having a girl is great after the last 4 years of just boys. ...more