Yes, Virginia, You Have a Favorite Kid

Anyone who says they don't have a favorite kid is LYING. In fact, they're probably the same person who, when asked in the first three months of motherhood how it was treating them, responded with "oh it's wonderful, being a mommy is such a beautiful thing." Again with the lies! Motherhood isn't beautiful! It's messy, pudgy, wrinkly, chaotic, snotty, and often times extremely smelly. ...more
I have 3 children, and I frequently let them know which one is my favorite. I frequently have a ...more

I Have a Favorite Child

 I think that the worst-kept secret in parenting is that many parents can and actually DO have favorite children. Gasp! ...more

And I think that's great for the kiddoes.

I struggled with infertility for 6 six ...more

Attention offspring: You're my favorite

There are certain things that my children know: My husband makes the best pancakes, their dad will always spring for donuts, and I'm the one who reminds them to do their homework and practice piano. Oh, and also, they know that they're my favorite. ...more

I see what you mean about the joking potentially being taken seriously, Elana. My daughter, in ...more