The FCC Holds Hearings on the Comcast Strangle Hold on Bandwidth

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) met this week at Stanford University to talk about network management or net neutrality. The specific issue was Comcast's well publicized habit of deciding what information makes it through their broadband pipes and what does not. ...more

'Preciate it.  I also have some articles on the FCC at

Big News for Big Media

The media news roundup for this Saturday includes important new rules from the FCC, ownership changes for two of the nation's largest news companies, an appeal from leading women's media advocacy group and a prominent White House correspondent busting a move. ...more

Hi Maria,
One of the disturbing things about the way this vote was pushed through is that, ...more

Bloggers weigh in Andrew Young, Media Consolidation, and new tools for citizen journalists

I got whiplash this week keeping track of the blogworthy developments in the media world. In this post, I offer a sampling of the things that got my attention, beginning with former Ambassador, mayor and civil rights icon Andrew Young's comments about why Barack Obama isn't ready to be President. ...more

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FEMA's Fake Newser is No Fluke

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is desperately seeking damage control after being exposed when agency staffers posed as reporters at a hastily-arranged press conference on its response to the California wildfires. Condemnation has been swift and broad, and agency officials have apologized for their "error in judgment." Brandey suspects that this episode was actually a "test balloon" for future official fakery. ...more

I expect them to lie. I expect them to distort the truth/fiction to their advantage.
Each ...more