Why Escapism Is an Important Part of My Spiritual Practice

It’s so easy to let distraction take over. Five more minutes on social media turns into two hours. I wonder what that friend of my cousin that I met once at that party is doing these days? Oh Yea!...more

Has FEAR been F*ing with your fertility?


Day Five.

Today's prompt:Tell us about your worst habit.I had a lot of smart alecky responses to this one.  But I decided to go with a less goofy response and just tell the truth.My worst habit is giving into the fear.  The fear of losing, the fear of failing, the fear of winning, the fear of the unknown, whether good or bad....more

2015: Already Scared Spitless

I was scared spitless as I stood on the corner of a random busy intersection to hold up my signs.You’re stronger than you think. You will get thru it....more

Why I'm afraid of Ebola

 Photo by Ryan McGuire of Gratisography. Used with permission.On an airplane, I’m that person. The one who immediately upon boarding pulls out a Wet Wipe (or two) and disinfects all the hard surfaces I might touch during the flight....more

Ma’am, You’re Overreacting — Please Don’t Feed The Fears

I have “in the gutter with my baby” syndrome.Never heard of it? Well, I’ll explain it to you....more

The Time Parade of Passing Glances

I used to move through life guarding a secret.If a stranger locked eyes with me I’d wonder if they saw my soul and knew my shame. Hope would shimmer fleetingly that they might save me from myself, but then some primal reflex would pull my shoulders forward to protect my heart as I escaped.Later I changed my life and a furtive happiness clung to me.  I feared my fragile self would become visible before its time, so I kept my head down to avoid notice....more

You Will Never Complete What You Don’t First Start

Fear and worry about not completing something often keep me from attempting things.I realized that this morning as I was reading a post about NaBloPoMo -- National Blog Posting Month.I looked at the post and the following conversation took place in my head:Me: "Oh! I should do this!!"...more
Way to go Tivi, good luck! and well writtenmore

The Voices in Your Head Make You Feel It

You already know about the Bitch Mama and the Brave Mama aka Ego and Intuition, right? If not, make sure you go back and read that blog first.  Ego is the big, loud mouthed, mean, bitchy voice in your head that reminds you on a regular basis that you aren’t trying hard enough, doing enough, nursing enough, pumping enough.  It is really easy to let that Bitch Mama in your head convince you that you aren’t enough....more