Why do we let fear hold us back in life?

  What are we so afraid of?...more

On Conquering Creative Fear

Is Fear Ruining Childhood

Like many people approaching the mid-century (ACK!) mark, I look back fondly on childhood as an idyllic episode in my life.  And while it may be true, as Doug Larson says, that "nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days," I still think those days were pretty good....more

Success can be frightening

Todays' #NaBloPoMo Friday, March 6, 2015 What is the biggest obstacle facing women today from reaching their goals? Well, I can tell you what is not the biggest obstacles are :Education : from online to traditional schools women make up the more than 50% of the attendees in both Certificate and full degree programs and MBA students...more
JanineTruitt Thank you Janine. You have a great weekend too ...maybe we can do it in Five?more

When the Fear of Rejection Becomes too Strong…Fight it with Care

It’s so easy to fall into the too-cool-for-school way of living life. And for many people, it’s more than just a teenage phase.In today’s episode of Soultiply TV, we are diving into the nitty-gritty of what it means to care, and how we can boost the amount of passion we feel in our own lives.WANT MORE?!...more

Why Escapism Is an Important Part of My Spiritual Practice

It’s so easy to let distraction take over. Five more minutes on social media turns into two hours. I wonder what that friend of my cousin that I met once at that party is doing these days? Oh Yea!...more

Has FEAR been F*ing with your fertility?


Day Five.

Today's prompt:Tell us about your worst habit.I had a lot of smart alecky responses to this one.  But I decided to go with a less goofy response and just tell the truth.My worst habit is giving into the fear.  The fear of losing, the fear of failing, the fear of winning, the fear of the unknown, whether good or bad....more

2015: Already Scared Spitless

I was scared spitless as I stood on the corner of a random busy intersection to hold up my signs.You’re stronger than you think. You will get thru it....more

Why I'm afraid of Ebola

 Photo by Ryan McGuire of Gratisography. Used with permission.On an airplane, I’m that person. The one who immediately upon boarding pulls out a Wet Wipe (or two) and disinfects all the hard surfaces I might touch during the flight....more