The Fear Of Failure

 The big F word… FAILURE ! Let’s face it everyone is afraid of it and even me to be honest. If your brave enough to call a small piece of the internet home to your thoughts and ideas well then Well done! I salute you because i can be scary, overwhelming, nerve wrecking and exciting all at once. If you’ve taken the first step in starting a blog then your well on your way to starting something rather than nothing....more


 Today I just want to thank you for helping me starve myself to health. For so long in my life, I have held onto fears which have contributed to health problems and eating issues. While I know you have been waiting for me to be ready to do the healing work, it was not until about a year ago that I was ready to tackle the hardest of the issues and fears....more

Love vs. Fear: The Experiments

I know. I know. You’ve heard the concept of love versus fear about a trillion times, so I’ll just let Oprah boil it down briefly: “Every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear.”...more

You'll Never Be Ready. That's Okay.

 Guess what? I'm not ready. Time is moving, children are growing, next steps need to be taken. I'm getting more experience, learning more, getting better and faster. But I still don't feel like I'm ready. ...more

It’s Sharing Time!!

“Saw a little girl touch a big bug and shout, "I conquered my fear! YES!" and calmly walk away. I was inspired.”  -- Nathan FillionWhat fear are you willing to conquer? ...more

Why Are We So Afraid of Being Called a Bitch?

I am no stranger to the word "bitch". I use it in casual conversation, mainly because my vocabulary is littered with cuss words (sorry, Mom). I've been called bitch on a handful of occasions, seriously and playfully. When someone looks you directly in the face and calls you a bitch, it's not very nice. I get a heavy, sick feeling in my stomach and immediately regret whatever I had done or said to deserve that comment. But why am I so afraid to be called a bitch? ...more

12 Absolutes You Must Expel From Your Life

You can’t ride a dead horse.You can sit on a dead horse.You can lay on a dead horse.Put a saddle blanket, saddle, and bridle on a dead horse.But, it’s impossible to ride a dead horse.Why?Besides common-sense?It’s the grandaddy of an exercise in futility, a totally pointless endeavor!...more

Are you really scared of clowns?

When asked what I am afraid of, I will list two things: Snakes and clowns....more
I'm pretty indifferent. I had a friend who dressed up as a clown for a charity even. He told me ...more

Why do we let fear hold us back in life?

  What are we so afraid of?...more

On Conquering Creative Fear