NaBloPoMo (11/2016) - Day 10: For the record, I'm pissed

 When I heard that Fun Home was going on a National Tour, I got very excited and hoped it would come to Chicago. It did come to Chicago. It's running right now. I bought my ticket as soon as I was able. I've been giddy about it!Until today. Today, I considered skipping it. I considered swallowing the cost of the ticket to just stay at home....more

I Was Thinking I Was Afraid

“Good-bye Laura! Good-bye! I don’t want to hear it! Get your purse and get out of my house!!!” Then she tore off a check and threw it on the floor. I did not want to pick it up. But I had to. I needed it. I surrendered my dignity, bent down at her feet and gathered what I had earned....more

Inviting fright at nighttime

When I was in elementary school, I bought a book for myself at the Scholastic Book Fair (which has been a thing in schools for forever). It was not my usual genre of book, though. This one was a book of spooky stories. I can still recall the ghostly figure on the cover and a few of the stories within. And, I am also sure my parents can recall me crying in the kitchen, too afraid to go to sleep, because I was fairly certain I was going to be visited by ghosts in the middle of the night. (Sorry, Mom and Dad!)...more

The Terror of Tall Grass

Few things in life are more terrifying than tall grass. And I mean full-blown, heart-pounding, holy hell horrifying. It is not the sod itself, but the unseen hidden therein....more

Rescue: Training the Things We Take for Granted

Lethargy. Sweltering with a non-specific stickiness. Flies. More flies. Dilly-dallying. These are the wilting Dog Days of Summer, named for Sirius, the Dog Star....more

This boy.

The story writes itself. It isn’t made up. It happens exactly as the words explain. But every day, the ending changes. It is always uncertain. Never quite becoming the thing I fear, dread, or even long for. I’m not looking forward to the story having an ending because I hate that it might....more

If I Knew Then: Things I'd Tell My Younger, Dumber Selves

I've been doing some thinking about what I'd tell my younger, dumber selves, I suppose because my present self needs the help too. It's funny how I can learn something--sometimes over and over again--and still need reminding about it....more

Ground Control to Major Tom: Must We Grieve So Publicly?

David Bowie’s death a few weeks ago unsettled me—not the death itself, but the phenomenon that followed it. Initially, as my social media feeds filled with pictures, quotes and song links, I was uncomfortable and annoyed. Then I started to feel like a sociopath—the world was letting out this great, collective gasp in mournful unison.Why wasn’t I?...more
I don't think feelings or grief should be encouraged to stay private. I will say people getting ...more

The habit of loneliness

Each person needs his personal space. This is the place where he could hide from everyone and everything, to think, to analyze. And I believe that it is much better to be alone than to seek solace from acquaintances and friends. In this life, I have made sure that your problems are not wanted, one just for yourself. This is my little back-story to come to the point, where it all began. My loneliness ... I am a very private person, I always keep all the problems in myself, because I was convinced that understanding and advice from someone I did not wait....more