Send Fear to Time Out & Just Go For It: Dr. Lissa Rankin’s Audition For Oprah

Owning Pink’s founder Dr. Lissa Rankin just auditioned for her own TV show on Oprah about getting your mojo back- and keeping it. Please vote for her here! It wasn’t easy for her to put herself out there like this. Here, she tells her story of how she felt the fear and overcame it....more

Individuality in Courage

by Jessica GustavssonCourage, according to, is “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear…. “ I challenge that. Isn’t it far more courageous to face your difficulties and pains in spite of fear than without it?  ...more

Never Listen to Advice Based in Personal Fear!

You’ve met them in your family, your circle of friends—your co-workers. They are everywhere and they are very VOCAL.  These are the people who love to give you advice....more

Dirty Little Secrets - Part 5, "Shame", Part 6, "Restoration" & Part 7, "Your Story"

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Dirty Little Secrets - Part 3, "My Response" & Part 4, "Confronting The God Of The Universe"

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Dirty Little Secrets - Part 1, "The Closet" & Part 2, "Abuse"

I have to admit that this is a huge deal for me to speak up on uncomfortable topics. You feel weird reading it. I feel weird writing it. I don’t mind speaking on things that don’t pertain to me, but when the very things I am talking about come from the deepest, darkest parts of my heart…I freeze. It’s as if I’m having that dream where you’re surrounded by people and they’re all staring at you. Some are pointing and snickering. Suddenly you realize you’re naked. Then - BAM! - You wake up. If you’re like me, you breathe a sigh of relief just to know it was only a dream....more

What’s Calling You? Tips For Listening to Signs from the Universe That Guide Your Path

by Lissa Rankin, MD At dinner the other night with a group of girlfriends, life coach Joy asked each of us, “What’s calling you?” Way to get a group of giddy, slightly tipsy girls to shut up and take notice, Joy!  The question stunned us into silence, but we were amazed at what came up.  ...more

Fear is a Future Emotion

Empowered Women understand that fear is a future emotion.    “Fear is a future emotion.” A brilliant man said that to me during an intellectual discussion we were having about pleasure.   So many people live in fear of things that may never happen.  Fear of failure.  (What if it doesn’t work out?) Fear with a potential love interest....more

Denial or Optimism: Gambling With My Husband's Life

“We really want to help you.” “This is an aggressive disease.” ...more

Is the only thing I can so. Do know that I mean it with great love (I know it's hard to see ...more