Anger banishment

Anger is something we all feel from time to time. Giving it and being at the other end of it can be a difficult thing. I've learned that with anger it can always be controlled. Yes we might have the feelings of anger and being angry but we never have to act on them. When we do we are just acting out our feelings and hurting innocent people in the process. There is never a good reason for getting angry at someone. You might try to blame the other person but that is...more

When love goes awry and you find yourself filing an Order of Protection against your spouse

To get to the point where you have to call 911 to have the police remove your husband from your home is an awful place to be.  I never saw it coming, that terrifying night in February when I found myself curled up in a ball, trembling and sobbing on my front patio, looking up into the faces of two police officers peering over me.  When one officer suggested that I go straight to the county superior court the next morning to file an Order of Protection against my husband, I didn't even know what that was....more

Three Questions: What Do You Love? What Do You Fear? What Do You Want?

I love solving a problem that has been itching at me. Of making technology bend to my will, and deliver satisfying and consistent results. I love the relief that comes when a solution is Right and True. ...more

What a very honest contribution to BlogHer!
Here it goes:

What do I love - Walking down to ...more

Fear of Intimacy

During our lives we journey through many different experiences: some good and some not so much. All these experiences impact how we interpret or receive attention from other individuals. This can be heightened when we begin to have a closer relationship with another person. A friendship flourishes into a romantic partnership and takes the leap of unbridled love for a life commitment. But what happens if the “not so good” interactions have impacted greater than we once thought?...more

Triggered by Get Him to the Greek?

I usually like movies like this because I have the sense of humor of a 13 year old boy. Slapstick, poop jokes - funny stuff to me. But there is a scene of the guys in a Las Vegas strip club and as soon as that came onto the screen I got nauseous and my heart started racing. I haven't really seen lap dancing before, although I've imagined it since learning that Husband received this service regularly throughout our marriage, and even before....more

Wound tight.....

Just a Paige out of my life.............. I am wound tighter than a rubber band today.  I can't seem to focus on anything and really just want to go spend a wad of cash on something that will make me feel better for at least a moment.  There are several issues going on in my life to cause this feeling but the one that bothers me the most stems from events from this morning. J was on a rampage.  This is the first full week of summer and its been a little chaotic (which always spells diaster for J)....more

Send Fear to Time Out & Just Go For It: Dr. Lissa Rankin’s Audition For Oprah

Owning Pink’s founder Dr. Lissa Rankin just auditioned for her own TV show on Oprah about getting your mojo back- and keeping it. Please vote for her here! It wasn’t easy for her to put herself out there like this. Here, she tells her story of how she felt the fear and overcame it....more

Individuality in Courage

by Jessica GustavssonCourage, according to, is “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear…. “ I challenge that. Isn’t it far more courageous to face your difficulties and pains in spite of fear than without it?  ...more

Never Listen to Advice Based in Personal Fear!

You’ve met them in your family, your circle of friends—your co-workers. They are everywhere and they are very VOCAL.  These are the people who love to give you advice....more