Fear Factor

Today's idea to write about is fear -- either rational or irrational.Here are two of my completely irrational fears.  I know they're irrational.  That doesn't by any stretch of the imagination mean that I have found a way to conquer them.I would go so far as to call them phobias, to be frank....more

Living in Fear and Gun Violence

Underneath the headlines about gun violence is the issue we're not talking about. Too many people are living in fear. It is fear that leads to the purchase of guns and to the tragic and utterly avoidable deaths of so many Americans. Do you remember Michael Moore's movie "Bowling for Columbine" which explored the fear Americans have of crime? ...more

Not Letting Fear Have the Final Say

by Mandi SchmittFear is a sensation I am most unaccustomed with. I sometimes joke that my fear threshold is broken or turned off, and that this could potentially get me into trouble, much like people whose pain indicators are faulty can hurt themselves without knowing it. Jetting off to a foreign land without a plan, jumping off a bridge with only a thin bungee separating me from death–these are things that most people find terrifying, mainly because they are so outside the norms of a typical lifestyle. But for me, well, these things are what make me feel alive....more

I'm Not a Germaphobe, I Am Afraid of Illness

I'm one of those women (mother now) who doesn't use hand sanitizer or worry about germs while in public. I'm one of those women that doesn't wash their kids' hands every chance I get or wipe things down before letting Baby touch or play. If it hasn't been on a visibly nasty floor, then chances are I don't really care if Baby puts it in his mouth....more

Post-Traumatic Processing

One of my favorite words is "friable." It is a word I learned when I was working as a surgical assistant and it made an enormous impression on me for two reasons. First, it was accompanied by a visual cue. Second, it sounded to me like what it meant. friable - adj. easily crumbled or reduced to powder; crumbly ...more

Fear, the mind-killer

We bought bookcases yesterday - an inexpensive one for my husband's office and an only slightly more expensive one for our dining room. ...more

More Reviews Of A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear

 By: Stanley Popovich ...more

The one where my vagina broke

While it is not customary to put footnotes at the head of a post, here we go. Footnote 1 - If you clicked through to this post because you saw the gynaecologically correct term for my Lady Envelope, you need to click away now to avoid disappointment. It’s not that sort of post and no photographs of anyone’s vagina has been posted here....more

How Leaning Into Joy Can Save Your Life

Recently, I was blessed to be able to spend an hour on the phone with my shero and mentor Brené Brown, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Daring Greatly. We had so much giddy fun on our teleclass about the intersection of vulnerability and health, how shame is lethal, and how daring greatly and practicing mind over medicine helps you heal....more