Transcribed from my paper journal, for the sake of legibility –“Voices of doubt be damned, I kicked Tuesday’s funk to the curb with the help of community and Truth.”...more

Day Twenty-Four - Fear

Day Twenty Four - Fear Hello Friends,If you’re looking for an update about Daniel today, this is not going to be it.  I can tell you, he’s doing well, still working hard at recovery.  But, we don’t have a lot of new news.  Wait… he did get his staples out and we are now starting to talk about moving him out of ICU.  However, no definite plans have been made, and he still has a ton of work to do.  But, he’s a fighter, and he’s getting it done....more

A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear Customer Reviews

By: Stanley Popovich ...more

Are you frightened too?

Are you frightened too?...more

Managing Fear Book Very Popular On Amazon

By: Stan Popovich ...more

Book Reviews Of A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear

By: Stanley Popovich   Here are just a small sample of  book reviews of Stan Popovich’s popular book “A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant Methods” For more information about Stan’s helpful  book and to read Stan’s free mental health articles please go to  If you know of anyone who could Stan’s valuable information on fear, anxiety, stress, depression, and addiction please send them to his w...more

Come Again?! (Part One of "Expecting a Baby")

On March 18th my husband and I were beyond excited to attend our first ultrasound appointment. The thought that we were having another child was a little overwhelming but amazing at the same time. Now closer to 2 years old, we wanted S Dot to have a partner in crime. This crawling on the floor and being his main form of entertainment was becoming a bit much. Plus, I often tell people that I am not sure how I could have survived childhood without my little brother....more

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

If it's one thing that I can't stand, it's a spider or any bug for that matter.  Four legs, six legs, and oh God eight, crawiling, flying, biting, hiding.  No.  We are not friends.  I do not want anything to do with you.  None at all.  And then there are shows like Antz, A Bug's Life, and Mrs. Spider's Sunny Patch trying to decieve us and pretend that bugs are cute and cuddly and can be our friends.  I think not.  That is some kind of foolish trickery and they won't decieve me.  There's a discerning spirit on board here.  ...more