Are you letting fear shatter your dreams of building a successful business?

 Building a successful business can certainly bring with it many challenges.While there are practical steps you can take to overcome some of the more common business obstacles (such as marketing, planning and setting up key business systems), it’s the inner challenges that are often the most difficult to overcome....more

Right Now Health, Wellness, Fitness (part 1 of healing addiction)

Look anywhere, people want to be fit, have wellness, improve health.Think: when's the last time you blogher searched a workout plan, a recipe, a new exercise, or even promised yourself you'd begin to exercise...tomorrow.Having been: on and off diets for the better part of 3 decadesaddicted to a bulimic lifestyle...(binge, purge, hide over and over and over again)battling with self - condemnation for what seems like alwaysI wanna offer something:...more

Afraid Again . . . Naturally

I am afraid. Again. An ordinary woman with extra ordinary concerns, surely more than the average female.            The fear comes to greet me each time a child prepares to fly-be-free. Anxiety bids me to taste it and I obey, cannot resist though I know the flavor hasn’t changed, has not improved one whit since the last time.            Afraid’s mouthfeel is that of rust, peat moss, a scab slicked by a child’s tongue then dried by the wind....more

Keep Calm and WTF

"It is big and it is frightening at times but on the whole the world is a wonderful place."Charlotte's Web...more

Spring Into Action in the Face of Fear

It is magnificent to spring into action in the face of fear! There are many situations in life that require a person to take action, and to take that action, now even in the face of fear. Fear is commonly defined as the state of being afraid or apprehensive. Taking action now means that you move and do what needs doing, now.  Fear, if left unchecked, unchallenged and free to roam, makes it difficult to take action now. The next time you have something to do that causes you to feel fear, find your courage and take action anyway....more

Fearing Death and the Media

My week has been marred, not only by the repossession of my car - which is another story in itself, but also with the passing of a beloved film critic, Roger Ebert.  Like many who grew up during the 80s and 90s, I was a regular stalker of Siskel and Ebert's film reviews - not only to sound a little smarter when hanging out with my pop culture-soaked theatre friends, but also because their reviews truly sunk in....more

Scared of Getting Sick? A Reality Check

Afraid of catching the flu, or coming down with cancer? Join the club – only if your anxiety about illness is overboard, it can actually harm your health more than it helps. So what can you do to minimize fear and anxiety about illness and embrace courage instead? If you're suffering from a full-blown anxiety disorder or phobia, please seek professional help. But if you, like many of us, just need some tips for navigating the fears that plague all of us, read on. ...more

Is Fear Holding You Back?

Who Are You Trying to Impress?

Mike Robbins...more

Confessions of a Shoplifter