No Swim Masks in the Pool: Let Me Parent My Kid, Please!

It seems like the world has decided that parents are no longer capable of determining what is safe for their kids are not, so we need lots of rules telling us what we can and can't allow our kids to do. Case in point. The kids and I go to the pool and they like to wear goggles. Isaac's old goggles broke, so I let him pick new ones that happened to cover his nose, which I didn't even question. I remember having fun with similar goggles when I was a kid and they hate getting water up their noses so it made sense. Until he put them on in the pool. Then the 15-year-old lifeguard informs me they are not allowed in the pool. Um, what?...more
I'm a little late to this conversation, but that's never stopped me before :)   I'm with you on ...more