Living fearlessly with my daughter on the playground

My daughter Emma is the bravest person that I know.She is still a baby to me, just 18 months old, but acts like she owns the playground. She runs right past the other kids slowly ascending the stairs. When she reaches the tallest slide, she barely allows herself enough time to get situated before she whizzes down, screaming “whee!” and laughing the whole way to the bottom. She then looks up at me with her sweet smile and asks “more?”...more

Taking Responsibility - Traits of the Fearless Entrepreneur (#1 of 25)

Gaping Void is one of my favorite sites, as it has amazing art that tells a story.  Every couple of days, they send out a new piece of art to their email list.  So not only are they forward thinking artists, but they are solid marketers, allowing users to post their images on social media, as well as purchasing the art in various sizes, suitable for framing....more

Living Fearlessly

When I was a second grade teacher, I taught a unit on bravery. There I was in a room of seven year olds having deep conversations on what being brave meant. Every year every class came to the same conclusion; being brave did not mean that we did not get scared, it meant that even though we got scared, we still acted. It was the fact that we could act when were scared that made us brave.  Ahhh… The wisdom of seven year olds. ...more

Olympic Games

I am over fifty and, while watching the Olympics, am very glad about the fact.Regardless if it’s the snowboarding, bobsledding or downhill skiing, I have to give theseathletes a ton of credit.To do what they do, besides having a lot of years of training, is being fearless.I watch them going down the hills or tracks and watching them go in the air or do anything with speed,it is amazing.I can just imagine being at the beginning of what they are doing and being paralyzed with fear.God bless these young athletes, and, better them than me**lol**....more

What to do with Grief after Public Incidents

 It's 11:30 am. I have been up for 5 hours and I am still in my PJs. It's the day after the bombing at the Boston Marathon and I am feeling helpless and a bit demotivated. Why near the finishing line?  Is there something symbolic about that? My mind is searching for a logical answer to this guerrilla act.  Yet I know there is none. When this investigation is "officially" wrapped up, there will be no legitimate logic to this random destruction....more

Bored yet? How ya doin over there in 'Wait - and - See-ville' ?

This is part 1 of the "Where not to go, ever" attempt to help you tune into your thoughts and figure out where not to go before you head there...from an experienced thought gypsy traveler. :) You know that song "We're on a road to no where" by the Talking Heads? Feel free to hum that while you're reading this.... Hey. Thanks for bein' here. Hope you're well. So I'm callin it. You know your thoughts better than anyone else....more

Voyage as Rite of Passage: Why Abby Sunderland's Parents Were Right

Last week, the web was rocked with news that Abby Sunderland, the 16-year-old who was circumnavigating the world alone, had gone missing. Immediately, the response from parents the web over was to criticize her parents: "who would let their teen do such a crazy thing?" I would. My parents did. My question is, "who wouldn't?" ...more

2 things:

I can't really get a toehold onto your anthropological examples. All the societies ...more

Stressed about the economy and world affairs? Meditate and be free

With the economy melting down fast, world riots and hyperinflation around the corner, how can mothers keep it together for their children and community? Simple. Meditate....more

Dive in and SWIM..unless of course you wanna just "wait and see..."

It’s 3:00 pm and the doorbell rings. You ask who’s there: “Who d'ya think silly? C’mon over and let’s go swimming!!” You yell back, “Hang on, wait a sec..Lemme go see.” “Hurry up ...I'm hot.” You run back up the hallway, charge into mom’s room, go to interrupt her and realize she's already nodding yes (mom's have the longest hearing range) and off you dash for the necessities: towel, suit, flipflops and bubble gum of course....more

Solving a Computer Crisis GETTING STILL

My email account was shut down for 24 hours. Coulda panicked. Coulda frieked out much--especially 'cause I haven't as yet compiled all my contacts in my address book or further,  backed them up to my external hard drive (ipod or iphone or thumb drive..yeah, I have 3 options, don't ask why none of them yet store my contacts). Didn't panic though when I lost all ability to use my gmail. I did what any rational thinking individual would do. I got on Twitter and asked for help. ;) ...more