Do You Struggle to Gain Perspective?

We all have moments of doubt and fear. Doubts about whether or not we are on the right path. Fears that we aren’t doing enough – for our children, for ourselves, for our communities, for our families. I’m not ready to discuss every reason why yet, but this year has forever changed what I complain about, fear, and doubt. It’s unbelievable what I, and most people, take for granted. But, it is even more unbelievable how many things change when you gain a new perspective. Sometimes this is a good thing, but sometimes it gets confusing....more
It's funny I had no problem turning 30 but this year I turn 35. And it has raised a little bit ...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Be Honest With Yourself 5-30-12

It’s time to speak exactly what’s on your mind, even if it’s to begin new communications.Be honest with yourself to learn more about what you’re willing to communicate.Opposing Energies: Argumentative, reluctance, impatience, fear.Face your inner fears and deepest desires; rather than obsess mentally.Speak your truth with compassion for others.Wide Awake Words™ for today: Cooperation, meeting of the minds, valuable insights, transformation....more


I'm scared of lots of things; never being truly happy, making bad choices being just two. But those are fears I can control and can do something about. I have 4 huge fears, and 1 is a major phobia. They affect my life to varying degrees. Death and losing my boys ...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Close Friendships Will Undergo Tests 3-3-12

It’s a great day for both business and personal relationships.Plenty of happy events today: pleasure, friendship, even romance and flirtations are in store for some.Opposing Energies: disputes, tempers, scattered, instabilityIt may seem hard to be on task.The irritating disruptions from visitors may get on your nerves.Make efforts to be more assertive however do no harm....more

If Mom Has to Pull Over, Don't Look...OK?

I am about to experience, but hopefully, not remember, one of my worst fears in life. No, I'm not about to be eaten alive by a 600lb tarantula. I am not about to walk into 12th grade science class butt naked. Nor am I going to eat squirrel pot pie with stewed okra. I am going to have a Brazilian Butt Lift. (AKA colonoscopy.)Your hiney just clenched, didn't it? Its ok, I know the feeling....more

No Coins in the Mouth!

Our household is pretty liberal in many ways.  Our kids are allowed to climb and stand on stools and help cook at the stove.  They get to hold butter knives and forks.  They fly up and down the stairs.  They carry their plates and cups to the table.  The result is that they make a lot of messes which we help clean up, they understand that one needs to be careful around the stove and they learn some impressive balancing skills....more
I taught both of my kids "bleh" by the time they were about 8 months old. If I didn't know what ...more


A new year of course comes with new starts and the seedlings that most never make it into full blown weight loss, or debt loss, or finding one's self. Yet here I am starting a new blog. I have felt very deflated over that past year about my writing skills or lack there of and how my old blog is suffering because of it. I started blogging for reasons I didn't know of at the time....more

Facts or Factoids?

We all know that our fears do not match our facts. Many people fear flying, but I never heard of anyone afraid of a cheeseburger. I never heard of anyone afraid to drive to the cheeseburger store (leaving aside the mentally ill who can't leave their house) but we all know that most auto accidents happen less than a mile from home. Moving doesn't help, either. The facts follow you....more

Self-confidence and overcoming fears

Most people would say I am confident. And I am. In the past, though, I have not let anyone see that I am vulnerable. That I am constantly riddled with worry and self-doubt.Since I started blogging, I have learned that displaying vulnerability does not make me appear less confident. In fact, I have stopped worrying what people think, which gives me confidence in myself. It took me many months to post that first post. But once it came to me and I wrote it down, I was bitten by a bug that will never go away....more
I would say that trying = huge confidence @HomeRearedChef ! You are rockin' it!more