The Top Kids’ Hair Trends of 2011

Child celebrities have always influenced hairstyle trends for kids. Add that to the fact that because of the hundreds of blogs that cover “Celebri-Kids’” comings and goings, hovering paparazzi make sure that the public gets a glimpse every time an adult star hits the street with kids in tow. So now, not just child stars, but the children of celebrities are setting the trends for kids’ hairstyles.2011 was the biggest year so far for hairstyle trends started by Celebri-Kids. Let’s take a look:Coolest Girls’ Hair Trend: Feathers...more

Trend Alert: Hair Feathers and Accessories

I'm pretty aware of "stuff-you-clip-into-your-hair" trends thanks to my 9 year old. The tinsel sparkle threads tied into the hair was a big hit last year and I'm starting to see it on adults too, added in as almost a highlight.  My friend had a few coppery ones threaded through the other day and it was so pretty.  Now, or rather in the last couple months it's been feather extensions.  Like this....more

Beauty Dare: These Ain't Farrah's Feathers.

BlogHer Member aprilanne147 challenges you to try Hair Feathering.   ...It's probably not what you think it is....more

I love it! I don't know if I have the style to pull of, but I definitely admire the ...more

Express Herself

Well, I thought this was a silly trend (hair feathers) as well and my first inclination was to ...more

Trend Alert: Birds of a Feather...

I simply love feathers. They bring to mind magical tales of kingdoms lost and won, stories of swan princesses, and dreams of flying and enchantment. Feathers exude grace and style by adding a flight of fancy to your look. This elegant trend is hot for Fall/Winter 2009, so do add some feathery wonder to your outfits! :)...more

DIY Feather Headbands