The Must Read Book of February: My Sunshine Away by M.O. Walsh

The Must Read book of February: My Sunshine Away by M.O. Walsh...more

5 Things to Try in February

Every month, I put together a list of new things to try. Here are 5 things to try in February....more

Sesame Street Live and First Dates

February is the month of love and Blogher is asking us what our stories of love. Starting off with our first time we fell in love. So I may not have truly been in love in what I know it to be now but it's the story I tell when people ask. I don't even know if my memories of that time are real or not but here is what I do remember. It starts when I was about four. Down the street lived the neighbor boy he was about 6, yep even back then I liked them older. His name was Alex....more

The Armpit of Winter

 I not so lovingly refer to February as the armpit of winter....more Yeah, it was HUGE! But the bill that came was for 1 1/2 months, for a total ...more


Actually Mummy.....more

A puzzle, a song, and a dance

February is almost here and I think I might set some goals for the month.  Not so much goals, as intentions.  That somehow seems less intimidating and more likely to happen.January has been a good month.  It's been minus twenty and below most of the month so we've been inside a lot, but overall, it's been okay.  Our house has been relatively picked up.  The kids have done some art projects.  We've had friends over for dinner and some kids over to play.  I've managed to blog almost every day.  Our water runs and our heaters work....more
@edavis I think it is a nice way for he and I to pass a quiet time, and a glass of Old Vine ...more

Honoring An Awesome Sojourner Truth With Remnants From Her Women Rights Speech!

Monday February 28th, marks the end of Black History Month....more

A Happy Ending Continued...My son's near fatal plunge into the water

Well, I am back from a long and tedious drive to New Mexco, and I must say it wasn't until our second day there (when we visited the pueblos) that I found an appreciation to this 'further southwest' state.  The native american people were ever gracious to my husband and I as we toured the pueblos.  There was one particular young boy of 7-8, who was especially impressive to me.  The natives that lived in these pueblos were preparing for their annual 'Harvest Festival' by setting up stands to sell their talented handy work via chili pepper crosses, wreaths, jewelry, etc... ...more

A Happy Ending (My son's survival)

Alas, I will end my week of drownings with a happy ending.  This is the story of my son, Joshua.  How lucky we were!...more