Celebrate Leap Day

Today is February 29th - Leap Day! I have never done anything to celebrate this 'holiday' but since I feel the need to romance and date my husband, I decided I would surprise him with a Leap-ful day after he gets home from work. This will be our very first leap year officially together. We actually started dating about a week after the last leap year in 2008!  Image: serenitbee via Flickr ...more
 @2sisters2cities    Super cute indeed   http://www.2sisters2cities.com/more

Leap Blog Day!

Originally posted at http://fourunder4plustwo.blogspot.comI've decided to blatantly copy several other bloggers I know and participate in Leap Blog Day. ...more

Leap Year Games

It's almost Leap Year!! Here are tons of "froggy" inspired games, treats, and crafts to celebrate this special day that comes only once every 4 years. ...more

Thanks for sharing these great Leap Year activities! I've been having fun sharing Leap Year ...more