How To Effectively Conduct A Feedback Survey

To truly understand how the customer feels about the products or services your business is offering it is important to get in touch with them in the most basic way: Ask them questions.Improving the customer experience is a critical component of a business. Successful businesspeople realize that reaching out and becoming proactive in communicating with their purchasers or partners can only help their relationships in the long run....more

Calling All Writers and Readers!

Dear Writers and Readers,...more
Write when you want and as often as you want. I tracked my page views to get an idea of my ...more

Asking Your Readers for Feedback with a Blog Survey

Just as restaurants and stores sometimes ask you to fill out a feedback card, some bloggers are turning to their readers with a series of questions: how can I make my blog better? What do you like? What parts annoy you? And which directions do you wish the blog would go in the future? While this may not be necessary with a small, personal blog, some people who run blogs that have become community spaces or sources of information are seeing how incorporating reader feedback can give them an edge. ...more
That's it's a great idea to collect feedback from your readers and to keep going to improve your ...more

Website Feedback Request

Hi Moms,I have a new website I've been working on.  It's at the point where it is up and running but has zero traffic.  Before I work to promote it, I want to make sure it looks good and fix anything that needs fixing.So, if you have a moment, could you take a look and let me know what you think?  Let me know if anything needs changing?
Hey Moms, I've made more changes to the site. Right now I've got two links for each ...more

Withholding Feedback Can Cost You Your Next Promotion!

 Do you believe you can be authentic at work? Or do you have the thought that if you gave your boss direct feedback, that shortly afterwards; you would be looking for a new job? The challenge is, if you choose to withhold, the consequences can be damaging and effect your ability to build trusting relationships, which effects how you engage with your teammates and might end up costing you your next promotion....more


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How To Handle Negative Comments on Food Blogging Posts

I consulted some of the foodie geniuses that I am lucky enough to read and asked their opinion on foodie negative feedback. Most agree, there is a time and place. If a recipe has flaws (significant or not) most really appreciate having that pointed out so they can make adjustments! They also agree that you have to develop a thick skin to be a food blogger. It was discovered that people will leave bad comments/ratings based on taste alone ... something that would be impossible to make universally pleasing. ...more
What a great example to put a negative turnout into perspective. I'm a food blogger as well and ...more

In Praise of Bad Singing

 Written By:  Suzanne Bouffard...more

The Best of Motherly Law : The Survey Says….

I have decided to make next week "Best of Motherly Law" week! I want to make sure everyone has a chance to read all my top posts and not miss out on any of these important topics....more

Importance of Feedback and A recipe for Tempeh

Great advice on going beyond your comfort exercise zone. Super recipe for Tempeh. Here at