Mommy's Clubbing Attire Offends Teacher

Let’s say you’re an elementary school teacher and your students’ moms show up to a parent conference in low cut shirts, mini skirts or tight jeans.  Would it be appropriate to write a note asking them to dress “discreetly” for conferences instead? A rather humorous letter was sent to advice columnist “Ask Amy” in The Los Angeles Times earlier this week…...more

Perilous Adventures at Olvar Wood

Arrival Along a dirt track in the Sunshine Coast hinterlands, there’s an old eucalyptus tree with a trunk split like this: \/. It’s the first sign you’re nearing Olvar Wood. You find the turnoff by chance, a hidden ...more

Maximize Marketing Dollars

In the business and service industry you always hear the saying, “The customer is always right.” But you have to remember just who your audience is. Not everyone is going to love your product or service. Those people are not your target audience, so don’t waste your time and dollars trying to win them over. Get to know your brand believers and what they expect from you. How? ...more

Job Hunting While Fat

Whenever someone asks me what they should do about being discriminated against, whether for legal or illegal reasons, my first thought is "Are you sure you're being discriminated against?" ...more

What's More Important Than An Interview?

The other day I applied for an HR Generalist job with a very well known online portal. When I say very well known, I mean to the tune of having 17 million+ unique visitors per month this year. So, here's how things went: ...more

Listening for Feedback

Your performance review will often generate feedback. The problem is that it is natural to accept feedback that is consistent with your view of your performance and your self-image, and to reject feedback that is inconsistent. But if you don't know what you don't know and/or your perception of standards and requirements differ from your bosses, you may reject crucial information for your development and success. It is never easy to receive feedback, nor is it often easy for the person giving you the feedback. Here are some tips for taking advantage of this difficult process. ...more