Migraines and Potato Soup Recipe

Today I learned what three weeks of waking up every hour to nurse Little Elf looks like... a migraine. I'd say there's pretty lights involved except that for me, there aren't. Mostly everything just hurts and I want a quiet dark room and some extra sleep. I discovered several years ago that migraine medication doesn't work for me, but I have discovered some triggers; dehydration, too little sleep, stress, and oddly enough, my blood sugar levels....more

The Food Fight: Getting Toddlers to Eat Without Tears

I used to scoff at all the nannies and parents who would complain every day on social media about the children in their care who just wouldn’t eat. Up until my last nanny job, I was blessed with children who might have been picky, but sat down and ate quietly at the table with little complaint. I was a picky eater myself, so I had a bit of sympathy with kids who just didn’t like a lot of things. I engaged my mother’s rule -- three bites and you can be finished -- and found it bore fruit. So I was really confused by people who complained about their child’s eating habits. Why did food need to be a fight? Well, then I met Glo-Worm, and I understood completely why food turns into a fight....more
@mommycall I find that really infuriating, too. And it seems the more we don't like it, the more ...more

Calling All Free Personal Chefs!

Meals at our house are interesting affairs.  Henry eats more than your average 11-year-old person.  I’m convinced of this fact, even though he is the first pre-teen boy I’ve ever fed.  From the moment he gets up in the morning until the moment his head hits the pillow at night, Henry is either eating or starving.  There doesn’t seem to be any in-between emotions. ...more