Food Philosophy Overhaul – Curing Picky Eaters

Raise your hand if you are a parent and your kids are picky eaters?  Yes?  No?  Sometimes?  Well, if your kids eat everything put in front of them and just love eating fruit and vegetables…well you’re either A) Super lucky or B) You’ve already got this whole food thing figured out and you can quit reading and go about your day now....more

5 Reasons I Won't Make "Kid Food" for Dinner

Top Five Reasons I don't make "kid food" It costs additional time and money to prepare multiple entrées. All the food we eat is suitable for children. My job as a parent is to teach my child how to become an adult. "Kid Foods" are often not the healthiest options It is my kitchen and I don't want to!...more
@emilyguybirken You are doing what you think is best so it most likely is.  Sometimes is tough eh?more

Quick and Deluxe Mac & Cheese Bento

Quick and Deluxe?  Yes.  Quick because this can be made in 20 minutes in the morning.  Deluxe because it's made from scratch on the stove-top with lots of fresh vegetables and cheddar cheese.  My kids named this mac and cheese "deluxe" because it's loaded with vegetables, and believe it or not, they prefer this one to plain mac and cheese just with cheese....more

Halloween - Limit the Candy-Chaos...or not?

It's almost Halloween. You know what that means...The kids are asking for a different costume every other day and are lured by treats placed strategically near the checkout stands at the market. It's decision time: How will you handle the loot that comes home with your little ghoul? Will it be a gorge-fest or will the candy-fairy come and take most of the haul off into the sunset? ...more

It is true that Food Banks are not a good place to unload all your extra halloween candy, but ...more

The Toddler Cafe - Feeding Your Kids Just Got Easier!

It happened! Finally! ...more

Love it!  Couple of these recipes are just mixing fun ingredients and freezing.  Perfect for ...more

Getting Kids to Eat and Enjoy Ethnic Foods

Our our family's recent trip to Panama and Costa Rica, my children loved tasting tropical fruits that they hadn't seen before ( /special-expeditionsfruit-expeditions-episode-1/). It got me thinking about how eager kids can be to taste foods that are sweet and those that are similar to foods they already like. Fruits there come in fantastic shapes, sizes and colors, and were a joy to try...even if the outcome was a surprising burst of sour flavor or if the texture was reminiscent of raw oysters! ...more