Daddy Went to the Store

The baby has been sick for a couple of days so I'm behind on the grocery shopping.  G came home tonight and we decided that he would run to Kroger for some sandwiches and essentials.  I requested much-needed Diet Coke and an Italian sandwich....more

Toddler Snacking: Is It Really Necessary?

I think all caregivers know the power of snacks when it comes to young children. I certainly do – I never left the house with Glo-Worm without a Tupperware of cereal, a granola bar, or a bottle of milk that I could give to her in the stroller when we were walking home from our daily trip to the EYC. I did it partly because I knew she’d start to get hungry, and when she got hungry, tantrums quickly followed, and partly because it guaranteed that she’d have something to do in the stroller that wouldn’t be followed five minutes later by her hurling it in annoyance to the ground....more

Real Life

Sometimes, real life just gets in the way.  It’s been several weeks since I last wrote on my blog, but in that time I’ve dealt with graduations, job proposals and deadlines, broken bones (not mine), out of town visitors, some bad luck, some good luck, too many soccer tournaments and who knows what else.  It’s really all a blur. The problem I can’t seem to control, and what is clearly frustrating to me these days, is when real life gets in the way of my fun life....more

Food Choices and Kids: Red Light, Green Light, Go

Teaching kids about healthy food is difficult. Kids want to know. My kids ask me all the time – “Is it healthy”? And honestly I have a hard time answering the question. I don't want to label any food as "bad." Guilt and food is just a bad combination and saying "such and such is bad for you" will just cause feelings of regret and guilt when later they indulge. In addition, some foods are healthy if eaten in small quantities – like peanut butter....more