Get Your Hair Did

Saturday night was date night. These are my favorite nights. Sometimes they consist of just going to the local diner. Or my husband will cook a fantastic Italian dinner. But this time we were going out for a night on the town.Dinner in NYC.A friend's apartment warming party downtown.I was excited.Normally, when we are going out on a Saturday night, I have a whole process. I get my nails done, I go shopping. And if it's a special occasion, I'll even blow dry my hair. (More on this another time.)...more

Feeling Beautiful

Thanks everyone for the tips on swim gear!  Apparently I just have to deal with goggle face.  Not the worst thing in the world.  A couple of people were also surprised that I didn't have a swim cap line.  That's because I really enjoy killing my hair with chlorine (or I've been to busy/lazy to get one and need to invest stat).  Also, a lot of you are morning people.  WTF!?!  Maybe I'll be a part of the cult one day.  Here's hoping!  Till STAT!...more

No brand name should outshine You

If I see something I like on the store that I like it regardless of the brand or price, I get it, and I don’t buy in the brand names designers’ thing. I liked what I liked; it was for what it was not for who it was. Things are what they are, and sometimes they are made for you regardless of the name brand or the tag price....more

Feeling beautiful cause positive chain reaction of events. more