Having A Mental Illness Doesn't Make Your Feelings Invalid

Mental illness doesn’t mean you deserve to live in fear of your feelings. I’ve been told in the past that when I explain my feelings to someone, it often sounds “rehearsed.” I’ve been told I explain things clearly and speak deliberately.As much as I’d love to preserve the idea that I’m just some sort of genius when it comes to language, this is very much a deliberate move.My name is Matt Joseph Diaz, and I have lived with Bipolar II Disorder since 2013....more

Use Your Facebook Feed for an Easy End-of-Year Post

So I chose to scroll through my Facebook posts... and couldn't stop! I went all the way to 2009 (then my eyes started watering) which forced me to hit the brakes. Gosh, one thing was clear, I used to post much more often back then and not just links, but about the everyday happenings in my life, from superficial ills to eating chocolate cake. ...more
uneekdiva Go for it! It certainly was an interesting experience for me! :)more

If you're happy and you know it, tell your Mom

There are certain questions that I ask my son frequently:...more

You're Feelings Are Showing

Have you ever been in a situation when you know your feelings are there but for whatever reason you decide they don't need to be?  So you start the messy job of trying to hide them and keep them undercover to either keep the peace or simply avoid conflict. Yet no matter how hard you try to disguise them somehow you always end up in a moment where your feelings are showing. ...more

Because I'm happy...

These days I'm generally a pretty happy person. I wasn't always, but my life has changed dramatically in the last eight or so years. I made major changes location and relationship-wise, started working a job in an industry I love, and over the past two years, my writing has really taken off and I might actually reach my ultimate life goal in the next few years--to make writing my career. Based on that, here's a few happy pictures from my life: ...more

All the feels

 Anger. Irritation. Sadness. Engagement. Chagrin. Satisfaction. Pride. Possibility.As a researcher, I'm interested in how emotion influences communication. When I'm angry, how do I communicate differently than when I'm sad? Or happy? Or bored? Or smug? In turn, how do I respond to others who are mad/sad/surprised, etc?...more


This week's song of the week reminds us to be in the moment and experience things for ourselves. It is not for others to experience our life, our life is for us to experience. http://inspiritual.biz/inspiritual-song-of-the-week1/Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

How to Deal When Someone Unfollows Your Blog

As a new blogger, I can count on two hands and my feet the number of people that follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets. That means I notice if the numbers have gone up or down on a daily basis. I don't obsess over the numbers, but I can easily figure out who followed or un-followed me. Maybe I am overly sensitive and I should not let it get to me when someone un-follows me. After all, unfollowing is common in the online world, and I don't know these people personally. However, it does get to me. ...more
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Hurtful Words: When My Daughter Says "I Don't Love You"

I struggle with my mother-daughter relationship.  When I first found out I was having a girl, I worried....more

Solitary Light

Post for Wednesday, 11/12/2014, is up even though I missed midnight by a few minutes. Here's the link.http://thiscaringheart.wordpress.com/2014/11/13/solitary-light/ This Caring Hearthttp://thiscaringheart.wordpress.com...more