Solitary Light

Post for Wednesday, 11/12/2014, is up even though I missed midnight by a few minutes. Here's the link. This Caring Heart

Worlds within Worlds

A conversation the other day got me thinking again about how they say we are very alone in our own human experience, that we can never truly know how another person experiences life. We cannot know if we see the same colors, experience taste the same, or touch, etc.It’s entirely possible we could sit side by side and experience the exact same sunset and see a different color spectrum. We could sit side by side and look at the ocean and each take away something entirely different based on our unique way of experiencing the world....more

Validating Our Teens' and Tweens' Feelings


I Talk To Fruit

I give them one last heartfelt look before delivering the news.“Ok guys, it’s time to say good-bye. You’ve been wonderful beyond belief. You’ve allowed me to see things I wouldn’t have otherwise seen—you’ve shown me the world. This good-bye isn’t because you’ve fallen short—on the contrary—you’ve been a vision of beauty. I’m saying good-bye because my eye doctor reminded me that you’re 2-week disposables and you’ve worn out your welcome.”...more

Someone’s expecting? Congratulations are in order! … Aren’t they?

We often make assumptions!It can be easy to assume that if someone is married and over the age of 22 that it’s good news when they tell us they’re pregnant. Congratulations are in order!! (Aren’t they?)It can also be easy to assume that if someone is unmarried, a teenager, or just lost their job that it’s bad news to be pregnant....more

When Logic meets Feelings


There Will Be Times When You Don't Feel Happy (and That's Okay!)

This article was originally published on April 5, 2014 on the blog "I Try: The Additive Property of Happiness". To see it in it's original habitat, click here....more

Where oh where do I most feel like myself

As many of you know I am participating in NoBloPoMo this month and because I really can't think of things about myself to talk about, I have decided to use the prompts offered to my to my advantage. ...more

Desire Map Book Club

About three weeks ago, Sheena, the owner of Raw Republic here in New Orleans, reached out about starting a book club. Knowing the authors she carries in her store, we both knew we were meant to join in, so we did. Two weeks in and we are loving every second of it!...more

We behave how we feel

We behave how we feelNovember 23, 2013by Veronica ValliLeave a reply...more