How to Tame Those Auto-Renewal Subscriptions

I can't be the only one who does this: I hear about a new (or new-to-me) website... or an existing one that appears to have something I want. I buy a subscription, vowing to cancel if the site sucks or I don't need it anymore. I forget that I even have a subscription to that website. A year goes by. The subscription auto-renews. I become cranky (well, crankier than usual) when I realize that I spent money on a site I don't use. ...more

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Cloud of Debt

Like many others, one of the biggest challenges I face is credit card debt.  It began before I was married, when I was young & reckless with money.  I used credit cards as a way to pay for things I thought were needs: a new computer, a washer & dryer, clothes.  I spent years getting out of debt only to find myself back in it once more. This time, it was not out of reckless spending, but because my husband and I made the decision for me to stay home after the birth of my first child.  ...more

Alternative Hashtags for the Discerning Tweeter

In the social media system, undisclosed material relationships are considered especially heinous. In the blogosphere, the dedicated bloggers who investigate these vicious FTC infractions are members of an elite squad known as the Come on Dude, Get Real Unit. These are their hashtags....more

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Airline Bag Fees: Expect to Pay More

American Airlines is hiking its first checked bag fee to $25, starting Feb. 1. Surprisingly, there's no savings if you pay advance (when you buy your ticket online) as other airlines offer. United, Delta/Northwest, Continental, and US Airways have all hiked their fees for checked baggage. They all offer a couple of dollars off the fee if you pay it at the time you buy your ticket online.--This Just In ...more

I used to belong to the class who traveled light, who only checked baggage if I made a large, ...more

Those Pesky 401(k) Fees. You Could Be Paying Excessive and Unreasonable Fees.

It's been a precipitous fall. The balance in the majority of 401(k)s keep going lower and lower and lower.Now,to add insult to injury, investors are learning that it's not just the stock market that is hurting their bottom line, it's the fees being charged by their 401(k)provider. ...more

The Carry-On Luggage Conundrum

...perhaps it’s not surprising that in a letter faxed to travel agents last Friday, Continental Airlines announced a “downsize for carry-ons. ”What does this mean exactly? It means instead of 51 linear inches - the previous size limit, passengers can only bring bags on board that are a total 45 linear inches - 9″ by 14″ by 22″ (height by width by length).--Tripso ...more

But you're on the job. Not everyone bothers to check. 

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When business and friendship collide

I am not good at boundaries. Are you? And, when it comes to working with or for friends, the lines can get very blurry. I'm not sure if you've experienced the same, but I have officially come to the conclusion that I suffer from temporary insanity. As the old adage goes, when you exercise the same behavior and expect the results to be different...hence, once again I crossed the friendship-business line without proper preparation. It's never a good idea. ...more