It's Not All In The Going

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Bossy New Girl Asks a Favor...

I'm like WAY new here.  And, I've been out browsing everybody's AMAZE-BALLS blogs.  There are some really great posts out here!!  However, I'm a bit sad, because it looks as though SO many are not being read.Even those who I see that have had a blog "featured" - the rest of their posts seem untouched and lonely. ...more

Lessons of Porch Time

I hope you’ll excuse my tardiness.  We are in Broxton and that means we are on “porch time.”  Keeping time by watching the sunshine as it crosses the blue gray planks of the porch floor, by counting the cars as they pass, or by Grammy’s calls to join her at the table is a gift and a blessing that I must soak up while I am here.  Just as I settled in to write this morning one of the trucks passing slowed to a stop and my dear second cousin once or twice removed Charlie joined us on the porch for a nice visit.  He interrupted Grammy’s breakfast preparations, but all that d...more
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The Inner Path: When Sunday Comes

 http:/thelifeandstuff.blogspot.comWhen Sunday comes and you get ready to rejuvenate your spirit by going to church to draw near to God with a sincere heart, be aware that people don't all go there for the purpose of meeting with God, or for the purpose of listening to messages that would impart their lives positively. There are many reasons why people go to church, some go in order to follow God's directives and to worship him in holiness. Others go for their own selfish motives, just to please themselves; not minding what God thinks of them. Now, why you're pondering the reason you go to church, here are just some reasons people go to church: To genuinely seek God: There are genuine seekers of God who come to the church because they feel that it's the right place to meet with God. They come with contrite hearts... ready to do whatever would bring them into a better fellowship with Him. They listen to what the pastor says, compare it with the scripture, and allow it to impart their lives positively. Their primary reason for being there is because they need a change in their lives. These are the true followers/worshipers of God....more

Influencing, In My Dreams

When I went to BlogHer '12 in New York City last August, I was a babe, uninitiated in the ways of blogger influence and prestige. I had no idea the power of the keyboard on influencing dollars or that people, other than my BlogHer Buddies, cared what I thought....more
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Coming Soon To A Theater Near You...

                                                                   I’m looking for a few good men… and women.  It’s not every day I write a sentence that blatantly flirts with movie titles; that was fun, maybe I’ll do it more often!  We’re up to our eyebrows in inspiration for 2011 here at Ha Nui Loa.  For those new to these posts I’ll quickly point out that Ha is the Hawaiian word for breath, specifically the breath of life.  You may even have heard the phrase Aloha nui loa if you’ve been to the islands.  Ha is the first part of Hawaii; its life, it is the last part of aloha, you could say the life of love and hospitality.  When we say Ha Nui Loa we want to convey the thought “take a long, deep breath”.  Be at ease, rest.   The truth is we want to inspire you: there is a better way to live your day to day life, show you how to do it: not as difficult as you think, and give you the tools and confidence to continue on a new path: there are new destinations ahead!Ok, now that our intro is complete…cue music…on to new territory!  As we are all well aware we are decidedly into a new calendar, a new decade for that matter.  Thoughts of obligatory resolutions and determinations abound this time of year.  We are no exception, even those of us living on island time.  We went about our *consideration of things to come* process a bit differently this time around though, and while we are excited about some upcoming ventures, we really want to get some great info into your hands... ...more

Party of Five: Girls' Night Out; Nourishment for the Body & Soul

My Sisters Six years ago this week, 5 women met together for food, cosmopolitans, fellowship and laughter. Each woman knew at least one person there....more

Keeping Up With Old Friends While Attending a New Church: Big Ideas and Practical Methods

Reposted from   This is a response to my friend Tara’s recent post on her blog, Considerable Grace. (Click here to read.) I started to reply in the comments, but I realized it was a post in-and-of-itself The question was, ...more


P erception U nderstanding P ersistance I nsurance LOVE I nclusion F ellowship E quality I’m a pupil of life. Pupil as in learner AND pupil as in the center transparent, black part of an eye (I). The cornerstone of my learning life is LOVE, for without it I am nothing. I exist, I am seen, I am because I love others and I am loved by others. This is the perception of understanding that I insure through my persistance to love others through my inclusion and fellowship with all because they are equal to me through love. ...more