DIY felt hair clips * Clips per i capelli fai da te

If you too have an hurricane baby  as our Miss B, who is not yet two years old, but is most feminine than Jessica Rabbit and loves clothes, shoes, bags, clothes pegs and elastic (and really we can't imagine from who this love derives!) then this little project quick and low cost is for you! ...more

Will knit for wool

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about wanting to do more bartering, so I was delighted the other day to receive a message from a friend who is about to move house and is sorting out 'stuff'. He wanted to know if I would be interested in an exchange... he'd got some merino wool tops suitable for felting, did I want them and what would I offer in exchange?...more

Safari, Farmyard and Zoo too!

 I made these finger puppets as a quick and easy project to keep littlies entertained. All you need is felt in various colours, colo...more

Portable Noah's Ark Felt Board

  I have been thinking about making a felt board using the story of Noah and the flood for quite some time. My family was not very religious growing up but I had a cardboard boat and plastic animals that I remember being really in love with. We have a cute wooden folk art ark but it is too fragile to actually play with. So, here's what I did....more
This is awesome. I am sharing it with my SIL tonight!more

Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

Felt Christmas Tree Ornament ...more

Woven Felt Baskets Tutorial

My sewing studio remains unfinished (until Tuesday that is) so I’ve been continuing my ventures into the world of woven baskets… and I’m getting hooked, my friends. These are so gratifying to create, both aesthetically pleasing and practical!And I’ve moved them up in scale to ‘floor baskets.’ Naturally, I imagine using these to house knitting necessities, but they also work well for toys (canine, baby, or otherwise), socks, electronics…...more
Great idea! LOVE felt with all of its vivid colors. Thanks so much for sharing, Much Love, ...more

Felt Baking Kit - HEARTS!

 Recently I created these homemade felt baking kits for my two little munchkins. They were a hit!It would make a super cute Valentine’s gift for the mini-mes in your life and there is still time to make it happen before the 14th of February....more

Decorating your tree for the holidays.

Skip the store bought ornaments this year and make your tree both special and unique with a selection of handmade Christmas ornaments!...more

Free Leather Punch Set - Create A Tutorial Exchange Program With Evie's Tool Emporium

Have you heard about the Exchange Program - Free Supplies For Tutorials? ...more

Make your Own Halloween-Spooky Crafts for a Scary Night

Next Saturday, neighborhoods everywhere will place host to goblins, spooks, and ghosts. Which means this week will be filled with craft projects to help build the properly spooky ambience. Let's turn to the blogs to find a few quick projects to help: At the Long Thread, use thin cardboard and a stick from your yard or a field to make this Bat Mobile. ...more

I have been looking for some new scary decorating ideas for around Halloween time so I will try ...more