Make your own Hand Felted Soap


A Free Bowl Pattern

This lovely triangular bowl is made from Iclandic wool. It's knit. felted and hand embroidered. And it's not hard to do. You can make one for yourself just click on the link below for the free pattern and embroidery tutorial. It just might be a new crafty adventure....more

Return to Crafting Basics

I'm spending my free time going through all my crafting supplies recently. While doing so, I found an instruction booklet and kit for bookmaking, some kits for jewelry making and several knitting patterns that I'd set aside for some reason several years ago. In looking at my supplies, however, it struck me that really before I took up any of these activities, I needed to brush up on some basic techniques. ...more

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I hear you both on getting back to projects that you have ...more

I Ask if You can Felt Acrylic Yarn and Pay the Price

Last week I went on a crochet bender and whipped up a bunch of stuff I had never really thought of before. I also got curious about whether you could felt acrylic and was really disappointed by the search results. While I quickly caught on to the fact that the answer was more than likely no, the websites I went to were full of the sort of nasty sarcasm that finds itself terribly clever and leaves you wishing you could just find a straight shooter to answer a question.  ...more
This is not entirely true. I found online (I have not tried it YET) how to "felt" acrylic yarn, ...more

The Accidental Hat

I like to knit... I make scarves, hats, felted purses, fingerless gloves. I just bought a book to learn how to make socks two at a time....more


In the last couple of years, I've gotten into making felted pur...more

Felted Wool Finger Puppets

For this project, you will need bowl of hot, slightly soapy water, a bowl of cold soapless water, carded wool, scraps of 100% wool felt, a needle and thread, warm water and warm hands.  As posted previously, carded wool (or “wool roving”) can be purchased at local farms, craft stores o...more


 I made two extravagant purchases yesterday. Even in times of sluggish cash flow, it's important to treat ourselves extra sweetly now and then. I bought a copy of Artful Blogging magazine, just for the beauty of it. I'm going through it slowly, turning every page, savoring it like a piece of fine dark chocolate. I'm looking for something, and I don't know what it is, but I know it will find me if I make a welcoming place for it....more

Felt Bowls: A Craft You Can Use

Although I come from a family with generations of knitters, I have somehow missed the knitting bandwagon. Truth is, I've tried to learn, but it has never clicked. Until last month. And from one month to the next, I've gone from a non-knitter to a knitting fanatic. I'm hooked. (Too bad I didn't learn to crochet; that would be a great line!) ...more

Nancy ~ The Wife Of A Dairyman
I love the bowls! I used to knit when I was a kid and have ...more

Warm Winter Wearables to Craft

A cold-front has enveloped most of North America this past week, and many folk are thinking they don't have nearly enough clothes to stay warm. Crafters, however, know it may only take a few hours to make that one piece that help. Let's look at some of the options: ...more

I love the idea of the Fear of Commitment cowl!  I'm so tired of putting on my scarf and ...more