Fiction Dreams

Fiction Dreams is a new blog dedicated to women's fiction. Although'specialising' in chick lit, it will also feature many different genres including paranormal romance, crime, historical romance, New Adult books, drama, memoirs, etc. At the moment it is focusing quite heavily on author interviews but there will be lots more going on - book blasts, cover reveals, book launches, giveaways, competitions, etc....more
This sounds great. Count me in. All my books are directed toward women's adventures, etc. Check ...more

Reading By Gender: Do I Need a Reverse Penis Embargo?

With "The Great Literary Penis Embargo of 2010," blogger Jodi Chromey has me thinking about what I read. How many books do you read that are written by women? How many by men? Are the two numbers close? What happens when you break it down by type of book -- for example, literary fiction versus genre fiction? Does the pendulum then sway to one direction? ...more

Or wait, maybe I had! I'm not at my personal bookshelf right now, but I think a large percentage ...more