No Longer a Virgin: Five Things I Learned at BlogHer'11

This is my 100th blog post -- a personal milestone.  It's especially fitting that I'm choosing to note this milestone by writing about my virgin experience at BlogHer11, which I just attended in San Diego.  While I'd researched and read about the famed event, I still wasn't sure exactly what to expect.So here's what I learned at my very first blogger conference....more
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My #BlogHer10 Swag Bag Epiphany

Yesterday I got up at 6:30am (an ungodly hour for me) in order to make it to the first day of BlogHer's 6th Annual Conference in New York. I have met and had great conversations with many of the women here and picked up some great tid bits of knowledge from the sessions, but I honestly don't think I could summarize or try to encompass all of it in one post.  In lieu of that, I grabbed links to useful BlogHer '10 resources and the live blogs. ...more

Calling All UK-based Lady Bloggers!

Spending time on Twitter of late, I cannot help but be a little bit envious of the meetups some of the ...more

Women, Race and Hillary Clinton

Indulge me a bit in posting on "old news", but there's a discusion going on in the blogosphere about the Senator, with the basis in feminism. On BooMan Tribune, Arthur Gilroy has decided that women, particularly left-leaning, blogging women, hate Clinton because: ...more

Where you say, "And sometimes I have to represent becasue if not, there would be no one at the ...more

BlogHer Social - Cafe Royale

Last night, WomenCo attended a small get-together comprised of BlogHer contributors and employees at Cafe Royale in Nob Hill, San Francisco. It was very interesting to meet some of the people I've been seeing around the site on a fairly regular basis; since launching WomenCo, I've been poking around on BlogHer as much as possible, trying to absorb some knowledge about where the female blogging community is headed. ...more

Nice! my two favorite sites coming together!more