This Mother-Daughter Team is Changing How You Live in "The Cloud"

When most people think about a "cloud," they think of fluffy, white cotton balls floating in the sky. When Jenn Donogh and Kathy Nelson think about a "cloud," they’re thinking about how to manage the large amount of data that powers our businesses (and lives). ...more
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Tereza Nemessanyi is Changing How We Make Decisions

Who do you turn to for advice? Honest advice? Now imagine that person is no longer available. Where then would you turn? Tereza Nemessanyi was faced with this very dilemma when her trusted confidante, her mom, passed away. Not being able to get advice from mom left a gaping hole for the former senior executive (PWC,IBM, Disney,), leading her to take the plunge into the world of startups with Honestly Now, a web-based Q&A platform. ...more
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Patricia Handschiegel is Changing The Face of Online Entrepreneurship

Before Polyvore allowed you to create magazine style collages, before Fashism allowed you to get sartorial advice from your friends, and before style bloggers even knew how to use a camera, there was Patricia Handschiegel and ...more

Celebrating Women's Day 100th Anniversary in Denver

International Women’s Day is March 8, 2011 and women across the globe will be gathering in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the event.  From Bangor to Bangladesh, Miami to Mozambique,  and, of course, Denver, Colorado, many celebrities, athletes, political figures, and business owners from every walk of life will come together to honor women and to speak about women’s issues and what all of us can do to “enlighten women’s hearts and empower women’s minds…for a better world.”   In Denver, Colorado, Nina Nichols, CEO a...more