50 Years Old And Loving It!

This is it!  The official 2nd ‘half’ of my life.  I’ve just turned 50 and while I doubt I’ll make to the lovely age of 100, I’m eager to fill my remaining years with action and adventure.  I.Am....more
Thank you!  I look forward to this wild ride together.  Hang on, y'all - we're only getting ...more

A Daughter's Wisdom

I was watching a DVD of Dr. Christiane Northrup's Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdon on FMTV.com the other day. Actually, I really do watch it almost every week. She is so insightful and very funny.  Anyway, in listening to her, even at age 50+, I felt I was listening to a mother speaking lovingly to her daughter....more

'Maleficent' Movie Review: Why did she curse that innocent infant?

No Spoilers Here... just a few peeks at the lucious imagery of Disney's latest....more

Amelia's high heels

Amelia Bell of Cornelius, North Carolina wears heels all the time even if she cleans her house. Amelia, a Bisdak (Bisayang dako or Visayan grown) like me, was born in Medellin town, northern Cebu which is part of the Visayas group of islands in the Philippines....more

9 Empowering Values That I (Try) To Live By

During my childhood, my family both taught and conveyed to me the importance of self-worth. These values came in handy because growing up as an African-American girl in the 1980’s, the outside world seemed to hold me in little or no esteem.  Below are the 9 values which my family instilled in me:...more
Thank you. These values keep me accountable...whether I like it or not.more