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Enter to Win an OhMiBod Vibrator (and 10 more prizes!)

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Keeping That Sexy Fever

“Why do women let themselves go after they get into a relationship,” his eyes met mine over the table.  Clearly, he was confused.  Naturally, being the source for all answers involving women or just the only woman that he is comfortable asking questions, I smile at the absolute mixture of innocence and annoyance in his question. ...more

I have two males in my life.  One best friend / One best man.  One I sleep with and one I ...more

Christmas Reminder: Through a Rapist’s Eyes

My Favorite Scorpio sent this to me.  I thought, in view of all of the Christmas shopping and parties happening in the near future, it would make a good reminder.  Love to him for remembering me.  Love to you for taking the time to read it through! Please pass it along… A group of rapists and date rapists in prison were interviewed on what they look for in a potential victim and here are some interesting facts:  ...more

Is Naked the New Uber Sexy?

“Your shirt or sexy lingerie?,” I text My Favorite Scorpio. Honestly, the men in my life have it so difficult. I ask them the most point blank sexual questions about men and their perceptions of women. Then, I stand back innocently expecting an answer. Of course, the great thing is that the few men that are really close enough to me to encounter this triad of personally evasive questions seem to love to share the answers. ...more

My understanding about the Victoria's Secret brand is that they're
moving toward a more ...more

Things I Have Learned from Romance Novels (part 2)

Continuation of “Things I have Learned from Romance novels (part 1)“. I’m also pretty sure Google thinks I’m a major pervert after all my searches. All heroines are accomplished equestrian. I had a theory after reading many books that perhaps the reason why I did not have a boyfriend until later in life was: I don’t enjoy horseback riding. I like those smelly beasts, don’t get me wrong, and know how to ride them but they have never held any sort of interest to me. The heroine in romance novels, however, will always be an accomplished equestrian even if she has NEVER been on a horse before. ...more