25 and pregnant <3

I will eat my words. 3 months after my first blog I found out we are expecting!! I am now 16 weeks and it is surreal. I was getting really tired of hearing my husband say "When God wants us to get pregnant it will happen." He just didn't understand how it felt to be the one with fertility issues....more

TTC, AF, IUI, IVF, 2ww, BFN and BFP…and miracles….say what?

For those of us who live with infertility, its on our mind constantly.  Any break from that is a treat.  There were days when it only crossed my mind 50 times and that was a good day.  There were days where I was so focused on a particular treatment or waiting for my bloodwork that I couldn’t possibly be productive anywhere else.  I suppose that’s slowly how I lost track of me.  The calendar that used to be marked for events, vacations, plans with friends was now used to plan budgets, mark medications, and to try to guess when you may need to head to the doctor for ...more

My Favorite Post: "Finding Strength in Holland when I wanted to go to Italy"

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” ~ Buddha...more

Becoming a Mother: How Old is Too Old?

Recent breakthroughs in egg-freezing technology may be a game changer for age-related infertility. As a woman profiled in a recent Vogue article on the topic says, “oocyte cryopreservation” is freeing her from the “tyranny of the expiration date” of being able to have children. How does it work? What are the pros?...more
freezing eggs is new and a quite complex technology... not many labs are skilled in freezing ...more

Flower Power Mom Launches A CHILD AFTER 40

It’s a ...more

What's a girl to do when her body is failing her?

I was reading a friends blog about re-defining motherhood and it got me thinking about my own experiences with infertility or probably more accurately low fertility....more

Hang in there. Sending lots of good vibes your way!more

My so-called life

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that I am a huge geek. Well that geekdom extends into computer and video games–namely the Sims 3, where I am totally obsessed with controlling the little people on my screen. Everything from the jobs they have, to the meals they eat, to the time of day they poop, is in the palm of my hands. I get to play god. (Can we assume this is where my control issues really manifest themselves?)...more

Chick That Laid the Golden Egg

Chick That Laid the Golden Egg...more

If they're dealing with the infertility: Just let them be

Hi Julie, Sorry it's been a while since I have been online. This blog on letting people with ...more

Does Career Stress Lead to Infertility in Women?

The stress of pursuing a high-powered career affects your hormones, which in turn affects your fertility levels! This research from the University of Utah explains why career women may find it more difficult to get pregnant… First, a quip from Helen Gurley Brown about career women: ...more