Surprising Sex Issue That Shouldn't Exist

I don't know if I am naive, but I am a little surprised that in 2012 there are still guilt-related sex issues roaming around. We've had a Sexual Revolution, the PlayBoy empire, the birth of, the Jersey Shore and Fifty Shades of Grey ... yet some women still carry guilt. And they don't talk about it: they just accept that maybe they can't/won't have orgasms. Oh, no....more
@Dee Acampa If she got there -- more power to her :). I wish she would have experienced that ...more

Some Unique Orgasm Tips

Who knew the cure for some really big problems is right under our nose and between our legs. Yup, according a recent post by Penelope Trunk, people who have orgasms earn more, hang out with higher powered people, are better at public speaking, and walk with a more confident gait. Of course, there’s always a hitch. Or in this case, a gap—the "orgasm gap." ...more

MD needs a PhD in Orgasms

As a woman who would do pretty much anything for a good (or any) orgasm, I understand the lengths a woman may go to for a little pleasure. It shouldn’t be that way, but gosh, you know how men can be. Here’s a perfect example. I just got off the phone with my friend, Louise, seeking advice for a particularly tricky problem involving a new vibrator and her boyfriend, the doctor. ...more

Gee XXandra - I wish I could up with some great ways to help out, but I'm not sure.  ...more