Hitting the Spot: A-Spot Stimulation

Hopefully, you are already versed in the enormous pleasures that can result from G-Spot stimulation, but what about the almighty A-Spot?...more

Some Unique Orgasm Tips

Who knew the cure for some really big problems is right under our nose and between our legs. Yup, according a recent post by Penelope Trunk, people who have orgasms earn more, hang out with higher powered people, are better at public speaking, and walk with a more confident gait. Of course, there’s always a hitch. Or in this case, a gap—the "orgasm gap." ...more

MD needs a PhD in Orgasms

As a woman who would do pretty much anything for a good (or any) orgasm, I understand the lengths a woman may go to for a little pleasure. It shouldn’t be that way, but gosh, you know how men can be. Here’s a perfect example. I just got off the phone with my friend, Louise, seeking advice for a particularly tricky problem involving a new vibrator and her boyfriend, the doctor. ...more

Gee XXandra - I wish I could up with some great ways to help out, but I'm not sure.  ...more