Roe is Me

I was born in a time in this nation when women who became pregnant had no choice over if they would carry the pregnancy to term.  I was born in 1972.  The case that would change the laws of this land, and protect the sovereign right of a woman to control her own body was already en route to the Supreme Court.  That case became known as Roe v Wade....more

Triumphant VBAC'ing -- Against the Odds

***Disclaimer - This is incredibly long and detailed, but I hope that the following story could serve as a bit of inspiration to any woman who ever finds herself in my situation. ...more


Women's Reproductive Rights Issues

This morning I opened an email from a fellow Squid lensmaster asking for clarification on whether depo vera was available in Jamaica for free to women. This was a continuation of a short conversation carried out via the comment features on my Woman Freedom, Women's Reproductive Rights and Women's Rights Issues Squidoo lens and her Birth Control Prices Squidoo lens. ...more