What Female Sexual Dysfunction and Vaginal Rejuvenation Have in Common

I'm not arguing that some women don't have sexual problems that could be improved medically, but a lot of the Female Sexual Dysfunction "symptoms" are just the way women are. Yes, women can take a long time to come, yes, women can take a while to get aroused, and, yes, women get pissed at their mates which, yeah, does affect desire. ...more
What I would like to know is, do men even care what your vagina looks like?? As far as I have ...more

Flibanserin Thrown Out By FDA: Is There A Cure for a Weak Female Libido?

Thankfully, the combination of visible, outspoken sex-perts, a plethora of accessible resources, and real women sharing their personal stories are helping to change, albeit slowly, the viewpoints on female sexuality. In fact, the most frequent question I receive as sex columnist and sex book author "The Mominatrix" has to do with a waning libido. ...more

...that enhances women's libido, but it's illegal in most states. In the ones where it is legal ...more

Lyriana-for female sexual enhancement

I am often a bit skeptical about products for women that claim to “heighten sensitivity” and improve orgasms.  There is no equivalent to Viagra for women thus far on the market, yet many women suffer from Female Sexual Dysfunction.  Well, Lyriana just may be what women have been looking for. I received my Lyriana topical gel for female sexual enhancement a few months ago from the Lyriana website.  The instructions on the box say to use the gel once a day, applied to the vulva for at least four weeks: hence the delay in my writing this review.  Although I do not suffer from FSD, I have been using it on a regular basis to see what, if anything, it would do to increase my libido. ...more