Raise Your Sex-Dead Relationship This Halloween

Here's a question for you ladies -- all of you ladies, whether you're divorced, single or partnered: When was the last time you took the time to really sexy yourself up?...more

Having the “Talk” is Never Easy, but Perhaps this Book Can Help: Why Women Have Sex?


Why We Need To Talk About Female Genital Mutilation

By Christie FitzPatrick for www.literallydarling.com**Warning: This article contains graphic descriptions and may cause triggers for sexual and physical abuse**...more

Let's talk about our "numbers"....

Alright ladies, let's talk about our "number" in a new blog free of judgement where I will be sharing all of my best stories, answering your questions, and exploring all of our favorite topics that we may not want to admit to liking with our friends.So, what's YOUR number? Mine, is 22. Tell me why you have this number.. how many did you love? How many did you sleep with and never see again? Details! How many are still in your life?...more