Beautiful Male Bodies

Rachel Rabbit White's recent post about the gross male body got me thinking about how much I love male bodies. The slim yet fit body of my husband, the shape of his hands, the firm feel of his abdomen, the way his buttocks casually strut when he walks, the curve of his collar bone, his arms, his deep blue eyes and thick blond hair. ...more

Lift Off! How to take your sex life from grounded to soaring - Part II

Step 1 - Taking Care of ME (continued)  ...more

Northwestern University, Sex Toys and the Female Orgasm

So naturally, when I read about the controversy surrounding Northwestern University’s Human Sexuality class, I’m utterly dismayed. Here is a professor, John Michael Bailey, who is offering, at last, some semblance of a full sexual education to students who are interested. The class focuses on the science and diversity of sex and offers events for students to explore sexual issues with panels and presenters who have experienced the things being discussed. The events occur after class; they are optional and the content is not covered on exams. ...more
@abgirl Agree with every word you're saying. Especially the last thoughts about porn. I ...more

What's Going On Over At Sexis Magazine - July 30th Edition

We’ve had another great week on Sexis and it’s time to recap and give you a chance to catch up on anything you might have missed with … The Sexis Round-Up!...more

Kegel Exercises, Sex Toys and Orgasms

Kegel Exercises, Sex Toys & Orgasms By now, Kegel exercises and the medical benefits they impart are relatively well known, therefore you won’t find detailed descriptions or instructions on how to do what I call ‘pelvic push ups’ here.  What you will discover is the amazing ability of these well-performed ‘push ups’ to produce knee shaking orgasms and how you can make that a reality in your life. ...more

Orgasm Classes: Gloves On, Pants Off!

I'm as down as the next girl when it comes to a little "tit for tat" in the pleasure department but a special on Nightline on female-focused eroticism had my girly parts scared!  ...more

The New Chocolate Finger of Pleasure

Last May, my husband's boss asked him to move to London to open a new office. If he accepted this mission, we'd be there for four years. The potential move sparked mixed emotions in me. Although I've lived away from my family for the past 14 years, it is pretty easy to hop on a plane from New York to Chicago for a visit. From London, that's a much bigger journey. Leaving all my friends behind also pained me. On the other hand, I love London, and always wanted to live there for a spell. There are many reasons for this, but I fess up that one of them is how much I love British chocolate. I feared moving there and gained 100 pounds from all the candy bars I'd cram down my lonely gullet. ...more

You'll love my post on bikini waxing ...more

The Clairvoyent Between Your Legs

This goes under the category of, “What is happening to sex?” ...more

Sex Toy Materials-Snake Oils in Sexy Packaging?

Not All Sex Toys Are Created Equally In your search for the perfect sex toy, you may have come across warnings about elusive sex toy materials, in particular phthalates. In 2006, Greenpeace Netherlands and UK started a huge debate and phthalate scare among consumers, retailers and manufacturers of sex toy products by calling on the European Union to ban all phthalates in sex toys. Phthalates are a chemical compound often called “plasticizers” that are used as softening agents for hard plastics, including sex toys or “adult novelties”. ...more

prostitutes perspective of feminism

I am a ex-prostitute from the UK, who’s being trying to work out what it is about feminism that makes your hair on the back of your neck stand up! From my experience that seems to be the attitude of most other working girls that I have met.After all aren’t they seeking the equality of females? Haven’t they already got us the vote and gone some way into equal pay/equal jobs?So why do we find ourselves fractured from our sisters so much still? ...more